Annemarie Cross

Hi there! It's a pleasure to meet you!I'm a Money, Marketing &... read more

Annemarie Cross


Hi there! It's a pleasure to meet you!

I'm a Money, Marketing & Mindset Coach for Women Entrepreneurs; the 'How to Get Paid What You're Worth' Expert, and the Host of the international Award Winning- Ambitious Entrepreneur Show Podcast.

My passion is to help women in business get more clients, by standing out, getting hired and paid what their worth through my 6-Figure Breakthrough Secrets branding, money breakthroughs and business coaching programs.

I also share powerful ways that business owners can boost their income by creating lucrative information products and programs, while recruit, build and retain a top performing team, so they can have more money, time and freedom in their business through my articles, blog posts and free 'Get More Clients Booked' monthly webinar.

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