The 10-Minute Skincare & Makeup Routine Anyone Can Do

I learned during my cancer treatment the psychological and emotional value of simply getting dressed and putting on some make up. It made me feel normal, rejuvenated and presentable. The same has held true since being at home with a baby full time. I feel so much better if I just take a couple of minutes for myself to fix my face. ...more
I really don't have a quick go to routine but like you, if I wake up and fix myself up, I not ... more

How do you remove a blog posting?

Hi! I am wondering how you can remove a blog posting after it has been posted.  Is there a way to archive it  or delete it?  I don't see a key or anything.ThanksAnne

I love a rainy night.

I love a rainy night. ...more

We had a rainy night the night before last but it didn't seem to cool things off here. Hot in ... more

I love a rainy night.

I love a rainy night. ...more

I didn't mean for this to post twice and it won't let me delete one :/ more

Rescue Plants

[Editor's note: There are soft-hearted folks in the world who rescue baby birds, cats in trees, lost children and even abandoned chocolate. Michelle, however, is all about the plants. I love using seeds and blooms as metaphors in life, but she takes it even further. She brings wilting branches back to life and shares her inspiring details. Next time I pass by the clearance shelf at the garden shop, I plan to rescue a plant in Michelle's honor. - Kathy]...more

My mom is the same way. I used to be until my grand daughter moved in. When she starts school ... more

Codes & Acronyms: The Language of Extreme Couponers

If you spend any time at all reading coupon blogs or forums, you might feel like the posts are written in another language. After three months of total immersion into the world of extreme couponing, I still run into an acronym or a tip that doesn't make sense to me. Let me see if I can explain some of the most confusing bits of couponing lingo for you. ...more

My sister is a coupon queen. She wakes up early to shop before she goes to work when she has ... more

What do you do all day?

What do you do all day? ...more

It's been really hot here too. I've been chasing after my grand daughter all day. Working was ... more

Alaina Giordano's Battles: Cancer, Child Custody and Court Precedents

As a mother, I can imagine no worse diagnosis than being told that I have Stage 4 breast cancer. However, a North Carolina mother has found out that there is something worse than that diagnosis: losing your children because of your cancer. Alaina Giordano is experiencing this horrific nightmare while continuing to fight for her life....more

This is really sad, she has been victimized not just by her husband but by the justice ... more

I've had a very productive day. How about you?

I've had a very productive day. How about you? ...more

I made cupcakes. That was the only productive attempt I made all day. :) But they are ... more

Atlanta Recipe: Creamy Grits with Rosemary Bacon

Gourmet Live and BlogHer have joined forces to take you on a culinary road trip. We're making monthly stops across the country to bring you insider tips from local bloggers about the can't-miss restaurants and the local food scene. Explore the destinations that define each city's cuisine with Gourmet Live and BlogHer as your guides -- and get an Atlanta recipe from now. ...more

This looks delicious. I live in Georgia and grits are a major part of breakfast here. I've ... more