Katrina Moody

I'm a wife and mother to three unique and inspiring little men. My guys all have... read more

Katrina Moody


I'm a wife and mother to three unique and inspiring little men. My guys all have the same rare genetic syndrome called Rieger Syndrome (sometimes called Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome), and among them share a myriad collection of additional diagnosis' which I sometimes write about. I also write about the fact that Bobby loves to ask questions, Andy is a dreamer (like me!), and Logan a mischievious little imp. 

In becoming a mother with children who have so many special needs, and a husband with his own health concerns, I've also become an advocate for my own little ragtag army I affectionately call "The Moody Gang." After years of training and learning-by-doing, I also advocate for others, and am a parent mentor with local organizations. 

My passion for not only the special needs community, but those affected by rare disorders, has grown in fits and starts over the years. I am currently putting together something I have dreamed of for years, my own non-profit organization called The Rarelink. Find it in my links. 

I am in the final year of earning my BA in English, with plans to continue with my MA while working on philanthropic training and additional certification. I am also working online on my social media certification, as I believe that social media is changing the face of the non-profit world in pretty large ways. 

So, I'm a wife, mom, all around crazy lady who attempts to try not to become too insane by the realities of a hard- but well-lived life. I'm also addicted to other passions in life. A show called Supernatural, blogging, researching, writing, reading, oh, and this thing called parenting. ;-)