A Deep Desire to do MORE

It has been eating at me and eating at me. The Ravelry group is growing, we are over 100 menbers now, I am very happy. But I feel I need to do more. I want Peace, I want to work for Peace. It is very important to me. I know I have the blog, I have the Ravelry group. Where wonderful conversations are going on. But I want more, I have a taste for it now! I don't know what the next step should be. Where do I go from here. What is the next step. Anyone? Hanane ...more

Life is giving me lemons. Lemondade anyone?

Today, well this week in general has been a pain in the butt. A week ago my blog partner in crime had a tragedy, her husband passed away, then my cousin's aunt died, my friends who were on trial had a verdict held until today, which ended in a mistrial. The weather has turned cold and rainy. I feel soaked to the bone. Our blog is closed for the time being, for a traditional mourning period. But we will ready to go again in no time. In the mean time, the group on Ravelry is growing by leaps and bounds. With people of all types. ...more