Frugal Ways to Get the Stuff You Want Faster

I noticed as I was pulling together ideas for this section of BlogHer that I'd written a post referencing the tanker economy in 2008. That was a long time ago. And the economy still sucks eggs. I don't know about you, but I'm kind of tired of waiting -- I want to be frugal, but I also want my pretties!...more

These are nice and helpful suggestions. We've added using a wood stove (fuel oil gets very ... more

It's a Girl for The Beckhams: George Costanza Would be Proud.

This morning, at 7:55 am Harper Seven Beckham became the luckiest little girl in all of La-la-land as her parents David and Victoria, and her three older brothers welcomed her to the world (via elective cesarian, same method of delivery as the spice girl formerly known as Posh's three previous births.)...more

I may be hte only under-rock dweller who had not heard about this one so I was excited to read ... more

Why I Don't Watch My Kids' Weight

I don't worry about my kids weight or their body shapes, because I don't want them to. I make sure they know that bodies come in all sizes and that theirs are perfect just the way they are. And then I make sure they have access to bikes, I save one dollar bills so they can go swimming all summer, I make sure they have free access to nutritious foods and I get out of the way....more

Your children are lovely, adorable little people and I am impressed by your parenting decision ... more

15 Things That Make You Feel Old (and Young)

"Here's your change, ma'am." (Or any sentence involving the word "ma'am.") What else can make you feel old, or -- more importantly -- young? ...more

I keep thinking I'm "supposed" to act or feel "my age" and it just doesn't seem to happen, ... more

The C Cup Inquisition

It was one of those days were my girls and I needed a little lift. We had been feeling a bit frumpy and I knew it was time to update my wardrobe. I headed to the mall armed with my budget and one eye out for pretty sundresses. It was with luck I remembered to wear my favorite bra! The girls stood at attention as I tried on a very pretty dress for a mighty fine price. I scooped it up and went on my merry way. ...more

first ever UK buying trip for bras...Marks and new friend Caroline overheard the ... more

When Emotional Eating Is Not An Option

I've been fortunate enough to have had very little stress in my life over the last three years. That's not to say there haven't been difficult times, but overall my daily life is mercifully low-maintenance. That is, until a few months ago. ...more

I loved your entire post and I think you're right. It's hard for strong women to give up some of ... more

How To Save on Your Air Conditioning Bill

The weather is heating up in our part of the country. We have had several days in the 90’s this past week. However the weatherman is calling for some cooler weather latter this week. For many people air conditioning season is upon us. Air Conditioning is perhaps the biggest budget buster in the summertime.  It is not uncommon for electric bills to more than double in the summertime. So how to you keep from having sticker shock when you open the electric bill? ...more

I like your ideas. We just had an energy audit done - and they suggested we insulate around our ... more

Diet Soda No More

Diet Soda, I am *so* over you! I started drinking diet soda in my teens. I started drinking soda around age 4....more

that's a good idea - all the bubbles with none of the bad stuff.

Jennifer ... more

Another custody argument: Parental Alienation Syndrome

I can't think of much more world-shattering than going through a divorce when there are young children involved. If the divorce isn't completely amicable (and how often does that happen?) working out custody can be difficult even under the best of circumstances. Throw in some complications, and you can have a battle on your hands. ...more

It's yucky either way. We've been dealing with custody-related drama for my oldest for many ... more

What to Wear When You Go Back to Work: Six Tips for an Office-Ready Look

For many women, the hardest part of a new job is getting dressed. After a whole lot of freelancing and telecommuting and part-timing and generally squeaking by in the professional world with the bare wardrobe necessities, I've recently found myself with a wonderful opportunity that puts me back in an office, full time, every day. And not just any old office, but an office full of Prada-loving, expensive-haircut-having, disposable-income-spending, fashionable peers. ...more

I liked your ideas a lot. I recently shifted from a very informal environment to a downtown ... more