A Better Morning Routine for a Kid With ADHD

My daughter is in a constant state of motion. This is not a new thing for her. It actually started from the minute she wasconceived. While I was pregnant I never had to do kick counts, as she was ALWAYS moving in my tummy. After she was born, things were no different. She has never slept well (probably still doesn't really sleep through the night,but she's old enough not to come in and wake me up now, so that's a plus.) She has always been up before the crack of dawn too. We had to tell her that she couldn't get out of her room for the day until SIX A.M.! Yes, 6:00 a.m. ...more
I'm 52 years old and find that with a now empty nest my ADHD symptoms are off the hook. I've ...more

All I Really Need to Know About Business I Learned the Hard Way

I have been working for as long as I have been able to. My first job was at Nordstrom, and my second job was at a law firm. This was not your typical high school student job, but I have always found joy in working hard. ...more
Great article!  I've been in the business world for about 35 years - yikes!  I didn't realize I ...more

Scam Alert: Computer Support Edition

Remember how I'm always saying that sometimes it's hard for me to know what it is that people don't know?  This is why I'm forever grateful to friends and family for asking me questions or falling for scams, so that I have something to post about.  This time it was my mom... Sorry Mom, gotta warn the folks, don't take it personally! ...more
I got the same scam 4 years later. The're still going strong. Brother should do something to ...more

Be Aware of Facebook Gift Card Scams

I see it far too often in my Facebook stream. Friend after friend of mine falling for it, over and over and over again. People that should KNOW better! Although, at this point I would think that all of my friends should know better, but yet, I see it happening again!  So let me just reiterate.......more

Hello to all!

Hello! I've been patiently waiting my 30 days to post my blog on this site... so I'm excited that I can finally list it!! Yippie! It's all about Oranizing your life. Can't wait to read about everyone! You can check me out at http://blog.dailyhomeplanner.com ...more

I'm fairly new at blog spot and still trying to learn my way around.more