Growing (and Using!) Your Own Herbs

Gardeners are gamblers. Every year we scatter seeds, stock up on seedlings, amend our soil, water faithfully, cross our green thumbs, close our eyes, and pray for something out there to survive -— all the while knowing that Mother Nature has totally stacked the cards against us. Why? Because we've tasted that delicious homegrown payout, and we crave more. And besides, even if we lose everything this year, we know there's always a chance we can win it all back, and then some, next season....more
So jealous of all the space you have.  I have to cram my veggies and herbs into pots.  But I'm ...more

Arugula Salad with Potatoes, Tomatoes, Feta & Kalamata Vinaigrette

Life is different when you live out in the country. There's no traffic, neighbors, gang activity, or building codes! You can spend eight years putting up a big metal barn, leave doors unlocked, crank the music, and let your seven donkeys bray through the night. You can have seven donkeys in the first place. On the other hand, there's no mail delivery, cell phone reception, 911 service, or high-speed internet connection. And the closest halfway decent supermarket is 40 miles away. ...more
How perfect - I just picked up argular at the farmer's market last night!more