The Lost Girls: What It's Like to Be a Girl in Her Late 20s

Not every girl in her late 20s is completely lost. Some got lucky - some found their way. Most of us, however, are stuck in this weird limbo that holds us captive in confusion, regret, doubt, and wonder. We're so close to 30, yet feel like just yesterday, we were only 17. Like a decade passed, but not much 'real' progress was made - just a lot what-the-fucks? We should have our shit figured out by now, shouldn't we? We should have some idea - some sort of direction guiding us to what the rest of our lives are supposed to be....more

Hi, I'm here for the GangBang

The title was just too good to ignore; I'll deal with the porn sites and spam traffic later.Picture this: you're mid thrust and the girl you met through your volunteer group is playing dead fish. Suddenly, she breathes life again, perks up, grabs the empty bottle of wine on the night stand and says, "I know! Let's try with this!" While mid thrust may not be the ideal moment to introduce a bedroom trick, we have ...Keep Reading@iChiaraSays on

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