The Appeal of the Exotic Woman

"I haven't really been in serious relationships," he told her when he finally called her back. "Maybe that's for a reason. Maybe I'm not supposed to be here, but down in Brazil." With a Brazilian woman. She wasn't Brazilian, not even a little bit. What was she to do? ...more

Truth be told, things seemed a bit weird from the beginning, don't you agree?

I don't find a ... more

Even Boobies Need Somewhere to Rest Sometimes...Right?

The other day I was thinking… “My breasts are really exhausted. If only they could get a good night’s sleep. But they just don’t have a decent pillow.”And then a boob fairy must have come down to sprinkle me with magical lactation dust because right there in my inbox was an email promoting Intimia, “The first ever pillow designed for your breasts.” And thank god there was a photo…....more

Oh. My. God.

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Is It You or Is It Me

 photo courtesy of coworker and I have been having a friendly debate about a situation that has arisen about her and another co-worker.  There's a guy who works in our building, let's call him Paul*.  We'll call her Wend...more

I'm always so open minded about this sort of stuff. Unfortunately, affairs occur a lot more ... more

Gimme a Hero

Gimme A HeroThe Green Lantern, Transformers, Thor, Captain America, X-Men. What do they have in common? They all feature Superheroes! It must be the summer of heroes, because all these films are being released in theatres within a matter of 3 months....more

Really enjoyed this article! I think Disney and bedtime stories trained us to admire the hero ... more

Giving It up to Get Things Done: Hot or Not?

On May's issue of GQ magazine, Kelly Oxford suggests bringing the spark back into marriages and long-term relationships by initiating a game of trade-offs. "You are -- let's face it -- whoring, but with a safe, committed partner," Oxford writes. "In no time, you're trading tricks for trips to the dry cleaner. You're making dinner for the kids, and later that night, you're coming twice." ...more

I've done the whole "giving it up for..." thing.. and truth be told, it's not that exciting. In ... more

The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers

I wanted to find out what all these top bloggers had in common. Their mindset, their mental habits. I spent a lot of time observing, which led to this list of the eight success traits shared by all top bloggers I’ve found. I’m happy to share it with you. ...more

I think the one piece of advice that has been consistent throughout my research has been to ... more

How to Write (Better): Five Mistakes That Weaken Your Writing

I'll be the first to say that being a successful freelance writer requires more marketing and business savvy than writing skill. Writing beautiful, flowing prose won't make you much money unless you know how to market yourself, negotiate fee structures and contracts, and keep your editors happy. That's why my blog usually focuses on business strategies for freelancers. ...more

Grammar is my biggest enemy. I can't figure out how to improve my writing skills. I'm well aware ... more