Charlotte DiBartolomeo

Eight years ago, in my 42nd year, I crawled out of one life and created another.... read more

Charlotte DiBartolomeo


Eight years ago, in my 42nd year, I crawled out of one life and created another. The journey included getting divorced, moving to another part of the country with two teenage sons, going back to school for a master's degree, moving once more, and finding love and marriage again with a man whose feet are planted firmly on the ground while his arms remain stretched up to the sky.

I believe in transformations. Even the messy ones. I believe in them so much, I earned a Master's in Conflict Transformation from the School for International Training, Graduate Institute. I've studied post conflict reconstruction in Bosnia and Croatia. I also served as an NGO delegate at the United Nations. I hold a certificate in mediation and have trained management and employees in leadership, conflict de-escalation, communication, and negotiation skills.

I'm an adjunct at Arcadia University in the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Department, teaching at the graduate level. I developed a certificate program in peace education for both the international trainer and the U.S. based teacher. It's a gift to be able to teach peace to people who I know will continue the work across the world and here in the states.

My husband, Carmen and I, and my two grown sons, Zach and Sam have found a way to work together. In 2008, we began Red Kite Project, a training and graphic design firm. My son, Zach is my partner in training for communication, leadership and conflict de-escalation skills. My son, Sam is apprenticing with his step father in book design.  Our evolving relationship in work, love and play is both a source of strength and a challenge. But more important it's a testament to the truth about second chances. They do exist. We're living proof.