How Amazon Turned You into Their Sales Force

I am not an Amazon hater. They bring me the things I need to my doorstep and keep me from having to haul two small children into the store.I’m also not one to jump on the bandwagon of Facebook privacy complaints. Thanks to five years of blogging, I’ve long since come to terms with the lack of internet privacy, and have reconciled myself with The Core Internet Truth: Anything you post can and will be used against you. And it will NEVER EVER truly go away....more
If I understand her point correctly - that FB would show a forwarded posting from another entity ...more

Music, Texting, Emojis, and Decapitated Ducks

Just a couple of days after I wrote my latest installment in the bathroom flooding fallout, we were eating a nice, peaceful breakfast when Ali calmly observed,“Huh. Look at the ceiling - there’s new water up there.”...more
I've been trying to figure these little pictures out and now, thanks to you, I can do it!! Love ...more

Cell Phone Detox

This is one of those scary-to-write posts.  Pondering the range of reactions that you might have, I can imagine that some of you will probably think it is frivolous and silly, wondering what the big deal is.  Some of you might think that I am a terrible parent, and that my generation and our technology are going to be the ruin of all that is sacred.  And some of you will nod your heads fervently in agreement, understanding exactly where my heart is and what I’m trying to accomplish.  ...more
 @Six Strong Hands Thank you so much!! It's amazing what we can be completely unaware of about ...more

The Seventeen Stages of Coping with Blog Failure

So yesterday during the kid’s naptimes (also known as my only work time), my blog went down. Like, DOWN down. Like, so down that I couldn’t even get to my admin page down. And then – it stayed down. For sixteen hours. One can go through a lot of emotions in sixteen hours. ...more
LMAO! My blog has been down all day long myself... I totally understand!more