I'm Tired of Being a Mom

I was sure that motherhood was going to be so fulfilling. I mean, yeah, I knew it would be hard, but hard in a being-super-brave-through-tough-times-like-Florence-Nightingale sort of way, not hard in a grinding, miserable, I-hate-my-life way. Surely I would come out of those long, desperate, sleepless nights glowing with motherly love, just happy to have been able to offer my screaming child even a modicum of comfort. Surely I would be happy to sacrifice any and everything for my kid. Surely I would never, ever resent him....more
Saw the play, "The Gift" recently.  It addresses parenthood.  Review here: ... more

New Story "Personal Power" up at www.labelmelatinao.com

New Story "Personal Power" up at www.labelmelatinao.com...more
Yikes! Don't click on that link. typed it wrong and it takes you to a porn site. So sorry. the ... more