Neida Nieves

 I'm Neida and I am thoroughly enjoying life!Have ya got a craving for some... read more

Neida Nieves


 I'm Neida and I am thoroughly enjoying life!

Have ya got a craving for some yummy eye candy? Then come on over to my blog at and indulge!

I enjoy spending some of my spare time blogging, reading, crafting just about anything, or making jewelry.   I'm passionate about decorating and love a mix of old and new - from anything sleek and moderno, to the vintage, retro, shabby, and antique. More recently, I'm completely smitten by Swedish and Norweigan interior design; I'm drawn by its calm color palette and raw, rustic styles. I can never get enough of the Antiques Roadshow [makes me wonder if there is something of ridiculously gargantuan value in my basement!]. Wealth TV has also quickly become an addiction - I enjoy the Top Travel series, Palatial Passports and castle tours, Art Museums of the World, Classical Journeys, Let's Shop Series, Culinary Travels, and boy oh boy - the yacht tours/voyages and all that Wealth TV explores.  My latest TV addiction is Spike TV's Auction Hunters! I love those guys and would love to spend a day with them!

I frequent bookstores - I'm a true book-a-holic. One of my favorite bookstores is an old musty one in the heart of Center City Philadelphia. I can spend hours there delving through the many facets of literature.

I love the tropics and beautiful beaches...must be the Latina side of me :). I'm also enamored with city living - I love the history of my city, the excitement, the skyline, the quaint sidewalk cafes, the unique clothing boutiques and art galleries and museums and more. I am enthralled by old architecture - it draws me with great magnetism and it truly is a form of art that we inhabit.

Photographing and collecting anything old...truly fulfilling for me. Aged items have a story to tell. In my ventures, I keep an eye out especially for old doors that boast great character. 

"Fari Blog" is my venue for sharing my interests, my photographs, my adventures, and my tune in every now and then!

Happy blogging!