Working at Home With a Baby

I did a post before about my crazy daily schedule on the days that I go to work. A few people have requested that I write a post about how I manage working at home while taking care of a baby. I’ve been thinking about it and it’s hard to describe exactly how my day goes, because every day is so different. In fact, yesterday I ended up having to work from home an extra day because my baby was sick and I didn’t feel comfortable sending him to daycare. Look at this face…even smiling when he feels like poop. ...more
Hah. Which is why I took most of the week off while JMP was here. I'm very glad my kids are ...more

I Dumped Running for Kettlebells

I used consider myself a runner. In fact, I still enjoy a good run now and then. Especially if it’s included as part of a track workout or sprinting up a mountain in New Hampshire with my husband....more
@victorias_view You should definitely find an instructor to make sure your form is okay! But if ...more

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

I have received several requests to do a post on how to choose a personal trainer. I started this post several weeks ago and finally I am getting around to finishing and posting it! Ah…yes life as a working mom. ...more
@carrie and @christine so happy to hear you're both having great experiences with your trainers! ...more

The Truth About Breastfeeding

Just like being a mom, breastfeeding is NOT easy! However, nursing your baby has so many benefits (most importantly, the wonderful nutrition your baby receives from your milk!)...more