Finding My Voice in a Male-Dominated Workplace

As a woman working in a male-dominated industry, it was important to find -- and use -- my voice. ...more
I agree, I think you handled it very well!more

2 years

 2 years ago today, February 5th 2011, I became Mrs. Hart. Jon and I promised before the Lord and friends and family to uphold the covenant of marriage to one another for the rest of our lives. Since we said I do, life has been happier, more fulfilling, full of more laughter, than I could have ever imagined. God definitely rewarded me in the husband/companion department. ...more


Our church just finished up a 4 part series called "The Gospel &". Different pastors dug into worldy issues and opened our eyes to what the gospel says about certain topics. Sometimes it's hard for us as humans to look at a situation and say "well what does this have to do with Jesus and the gospel?". I am a repeat offender when the answer is in plain sight. I am punching the keys on my laptop right now because the son of God shed blood for my life and my freedom. I owe thanks for everything to Him... that is the connection! The Good News....more

Cinnamon Sugar French Breakfast Muffins

They look delicious!more

Easy spinach dip

This recipe is foolproof...combine 4 ingredients and let chill. You really can't go wrong! Thank you Jennafor posting this incredibly easy and delicious dip that made an appearance on our House Hunters filming :-)...more

On posting recipes...

I am by no means a food blogger but I love food. I love trying new recipes for my husband and posting them on the blog which I usually do once a week, normally on Saturdays. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest, I mean what the heck did we do before that? Oh yeah, I would email myself tons of recipes and they'd get lost in random folders and never get made. Most of the recipes I use come from food blogs which means the finished products insanely beautiful when posted. That got me thinking....more

How To Forgive

The day before the Sandy Hook shootings I shared about a sermon in church on forgiveness and what the bible says about it for believers. My world was rocked re-reading it in light of the tragedy. Yesterday morning we finished up the 2 part series and our pastor outlined 3 things that must happen in your heart for you to be able to forgive....more

No bake chocolate peanut butter graham bars

Mouthful of a title right? After you taste these bars, I think you can agree with me on changing the name to pure heaven. Maybe it's because I could eat my body weight in Reese's but wow!!!! Nothing but awesome words for this recipe. And guess what? It is so darn easy a cave man could do it. I made these for family dinner last week and I literally had to take them away from the table because I couldn't stop nibbling. Friends...make this now! Your life will change forever!...more

Bacon apple pie

You heard that right. Are you ready to blow the minds of all the men in your life? This was my first apple pie to ever make and I was pleasantly surprised at its deliciousness. Seems people are putting bacon on anything these days! Enjoy!Ingredients6 slices raw baconRefrigerated pie crust ...more


Last Thursday, Jon and I celebrated our 4th Thursgiving. Thursgiving is a tradition we started the first Thanksgiving season we met and we are hoping to continue to celebrate it for many years to come. The Thursday before Thanksgiving we make our own mini Thanksgiving meal and reflect on the previous years blessings. We spend every holiday with my family and things can get crazy with that so we wanted to carve out time to talk about what we are thankful for and why, and what we are looking forward to the next year....more