Life Lately

 Lately I’ve just been way too stretched. I recognize it and I’m taking steps to ease the chaos. Some days I feel like I’m on the brink of something really big. Something really good for me. Other days, thoughts of change scare and overwhelm me. My summer has continued to be incredibly busy. I miss blogging and have so many topic ideas in my head. So thank you to those of you reading still and waiting for my life to ease up a bit. I hope to be writing more soon....more

I Never Wanted a Dog

When we adopted Lulu last November, many people close to me were shocked.You see I never liked dogs. In fact at one point in my life not very long ago — I hated them. My distaste for dogs stemmed from a few bad experiences with larger ones as a child. Over the years I’ve learned my story is very similar to the stories from other people who “don’t like dogs.” Childhood is an impressionable time isn’t it?...more

A July Update on My Garden

Let’s talk about some greenery shall we?Last I wrote about my garden it was just starting to show the fruits of my labor. Since then we had a tremendous amount of rain in the Cleveland, Ohio area. This was good in many ways because it really pushed my plants to grow. Now the weather has evened out to what seems a bit more normal for our area....more

Screaming to Relieve Stress

So things have been a little hairy over here.Do you have weeks that go really smooth and then suddenly one that explodes in your face? Yep. That’s me. It started going downhill Monday and continued to plummet throughout the day Wednesday. So I’m not really sure what got me to this point but I decided on Wednesday I would scream inside my vehicle.You heard me....more