How to Create the Perfect Fall Hostess Gift

If you're looking for a cute hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner or a fun party, we’ve got you covered! These adorable DIY pumpkin flower arrangements are the perfect fall hostess gift, incorporating the number one fall essential (a pumpkin, of course!) and seasonal flowers! ...more
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3 Simple Steps to Finally Learn Manual Mode on Your DSLR Camera

Today we're going to take the mystery out of the manual mode on your camera. For my Joyfully Green blog, photography is my number-one priority, and I shoot almost exclusively in manual mode because I like to take creative control of the shots -- not let my camera do all the work for me....more
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How to Not Be a Social Media Fool on April Fools Day

If you don't see me on Facebook today, it's because y'all have lost my trust on April 1st. Last year's slew of fake pregnancy announcements still make me cringe. April Fools Day isn't about jerking people's emotions around. The best pranks get the person laughing, not crying. Unlike the pranks that you perform at home or in the office targeting one person or a small group, the ones you do on the Internet go out to everyone that reads your blog or follows you on social media. That's a pretty diverse group. ...more
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It's National Chili Day: Celebrate With a REAL Texas Recipe!

How long has it been since you've had a big, thick steaming bowl of REAL Texas chili? Well, that's too long. Here's an easy recipe for the real thing for National Chili Day today!...more
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7 Things I Didn't Know About the Oscars Until I Was In the Audience

“I need a dress!” I posted on Facebook the day the Oscar nominations were announced. My husband’s first documentary had made the list and—against all odds—we were going to the Oscars.  That was four years ago, and as the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony approaches, I feel the excitement build up again. I can hear the crowds screaming, see the glaring lights, feel the red carpet under my five-inch heels. It was every bit as glamorous as I had expected, and more. But along the way I ran into a few surprises. ...more
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Why You Should Never Do These Things When You Travel

With 2015 under way, now is the time that many people start thinking about their holidays and travel plans for the coming year or even writing a bucket list of things they’d like to do in 2015....more
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Loving Your Bridal Body at Any Size

In the months leading up to my engagement I did what many thirtysomething pre-engaged ladies do-- I obsessively watched wedding shows about brides searching for the perfect gown. Sometimes, I enjoyed seeing the different dress styles and getting a peek into what it’s like to go wedding gown shopping. Other times, I would see a bride go into a shop with their whole family creating a hot mess created by having to deal with other people’s opinions and expectations about which dress was best....more
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5 Things to Do Before You Share on Social Media

We all may not agree on much in this world, but I'm sure we can pretty much agree on this: EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE. Literally, everything. Has this not been one of the worst years in recent memory for violence, death, terrorism, and just overall shittiness? As a result, we're all going on the Internet to share our opinions on all the horrible things. People from different backgrounds and with different beliefs are taking to social media to essentially participate in the broader conversations and speak their mind about everything that's going on. And that's fine. With exceptions. ...more
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How to Make Perfect Caramel Apples

Have you ever made Homemade Caramel Apples? I'm not talking about dipped apples made with those cute little caramel squares that you buy in packages in the supermarket. I'm talking about REAL, honest-to-God caramel apples that you make from boiling-hot-sugar that's sticky and gooey and oh, so delicious. ...more
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New Pew Research Confirms the Worst About Online Harassment

A new study from Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life confirms the worst news about online harassment. It is pervasive, endemic, and disproportionately levied against women. What we have done so far to deal with it isn't helping. As horrible as these findings are, do they offer ways to help safeguard ourselves, to be better Internet citizens, or to change the onslaught of harassment and danger? ...more
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