Colorado Flood Clean-up: I Held a Lifetime in My Hands Today

In my hands today, I held an entire lifetime of memories.Then I threw it away. Pieces of a life built over decades and decades.In my hands today, I held mementos of vacations, trinkets from a career long over, first editions of books printed nearly 100 years ago.Trade journals and huge volumes and certificates that had once been proudly displayed. Gone.In my hands today, I held film reels and photographs and journals filled with handwritten pages....more
It's incredible!  While we haven't been able help with the clean up, many of our friends here in ... more

Overcoming Criticism and Owning My Awesome at Work

Excessive criticism at work affected my daily life, until I owned my awesome. ...more
Thank you so much for sharing this.  I work in a similar situation with the "Blonde Mafia".  It ... more

Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racism" Song: Sorry About That. Can I Have a Latte?

Have you ever seen or heard something so bad that you thought that it was satire? And then, upon realizing that it’s not satire, you wish it was? On Monday, country singer Brad Paisley released “Accidental Racist,” the first single off his upcoming album, Wheelhouse (out April 9) to mixed -- no, cringe-inducing -- reviews. ...more
While I don't agree with what he says, my mother in law and husband both grew up in the same ... more

What is Your Confidence Wig?

There are days when we all need a little help -- a confidence boost. When we are in a situation that makes us nervous or anxious a little thing can make big difference. Jenny Lawson has found things that help deal with her anxiety disorder. She documents many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, and one of my favorites is something that we can all do in our own way -- confidence wigs. ...more
For me, there are days that I am just not feeling up to whatever is ahead.  Those are the days ... more

Bowls Versus Trash Cans

When you begin sharing your life with someone, you discover differences in family traditions. Sometimes they are foreseeable and other times they take you by surprise. Jenny Lawson recounts many of these in her memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, including the time she discovered she had been sitting on couches wrong....more
I actually had my husband read this part of the book!  The houses we were raised in were very ... more

Do We Ever Really Leave High School?

Lissy Ryder, the main character in Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, never really left high school. She hit her peak during those four years and stopped growing and reaching. When she discovered there is life after high school it was a complete and total shock. While we may not all be like Lissy, I still see references every week online to things being just like high school....more
With the ease of social media and the internet, I don't think we can really ever leave high ... more

Who Do You Want To Be?

When we first met Lissy Ryder in Jen Lancaster's novel Here I Go Again, she didn't know who she wanted to be. She was still focused on who she had been. Her high school days has been her glory days, so why should she want to be any different than she was in her teens? During the course of the novel she learns that if you stay who you were, you'll never become who you are supposed to be....more
Who I wanted to be at the end of high school is so different than were I am now.  I'm even a ... more

Knowing Isn't Always Enough

In Lisa Gardner's new thriller, Touch and Go, the characters really knew better than to do many of things they did. The kidnappers knew that kidnapping a whole family was wrong. Libby knew taking drugs to numb the pain wasn't a good thing. Knowing something is right isn't always enough....more
I think that doing things that you know aren't the right decision has a lot to do with your ... more

Would You Like To Go Back In Time?

In Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, Lissy Ryder is given a potion that can help her right all her wrongs. Being the person she is, Lissy doesn't approach it cautiously. No, she throws it back like it's an espresso shot. When she wakes up and realizes she's back in the past -- back in high school -- she's elated. That would not be my reaction. ...more
There is no appeal to go back in time for me!  High school was not fun for me and i wouldn't ... more

Pain Has a Flavor

"Here is something I learned when I was eleven years old: Pain has a flavor. The question is, what does it taste like to you?" ...more
Mine pain doesn't have a flavor.  I found this to be a very interesting way to think of pain ... more