Shrewd Food: Tips to Save Time, Money & Energy on Meal Planning, Prep

My hubby recently got an email from the student loan office. They are compiling a med student cookbook with inexpensive recipes and money-saving tips for food budgets. It has gotten me thinking about the things I have done to better manage our food bill and waste. As a stay-at-home Mom, I most often contribute financially by saving money through efficient household management—and one of the biggies in that department is food!...more
Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I've just started to meal plan, but feel extra motivated after ...more

10 Ideas Under $10 to Make Your Valentine Smile

Loosen up all you Valentine's Day haters! You don't have to buy two dozen red roses, a heart-shaped box of cheap chocolates or a teddy bear to celebrate the holiday right. In fact, making a big impression on your love this Valentine's Day can cost you little to nothing....more

Five Tips for Thinking Outside the Recipe Box

Have you ever had the thought while eating a less-than-inspired meal, (prepared by your hand), "I wish I was a better cook"? Perhaps your husband thanks you for the food you concoct, but never raves about it like you wish he would? Do your children (and dinner plates) cry, "Not this again!!" Friends, the solution to these problems doesn't have to be several years of culinary school. If you are cooking at least one meal a day, you are already putting in the time it takes to improve your skills, and to produce delicious meals that will pique your family's interest and appetite....more
@neekswrite You're welcome! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. :) Good luck ...more