On Absolutes and Ending Up Where You're Meant To Be

There have been many moments in my life when I recognized that I was standing at a crossroads. Going one way would change my life, going another way would keep it the same. Not moving was something else entirely. I have made choices and then looked back and fretted, "Did I make the right decision?" ...more
I also LOVE that movie for exactly the same reasons.  Love this post.  I should really go to the ... more

Expecting Twins? Don't Buy Two of Everything -- Just Some Things!

Kids are expensive. I'm sure you already knew that. Admittedly, toddlerhood has been pretty good to us because we have had some time to figure some things out, but oh, those first few days and weeks were rather interesting. From the moment you find out you are expecting, you get bombarded with baby stuff. The right bottles, the right pacifiers, the right blankets, and on and on and on. One question in the moms of multiples world is, "What are the items I need to purchase in double and what's not?" Here's my experience of what to buy in double....more
Also, you don't need to buy much new.  Mothers/parents of multiples clubs often have consignment ... more

My Friends Are Cutting Into The Family Budget!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My husband and I love to go out with our couple friends, but the bill always gets out of control. We are on a serious budget and can't afford to blow so much money when we go out. How do we keep the bill down without seeming like buzz kills? Or do we just have to stay home and fire up the ole DVR? Signed,Pinching Penny __________________________________...more
Yeah, we're in this boat.  I just tell my friends... "I miss hanging out with you, but we have ... more

Getting Beyond "What Do You Do?"

We went to a dinner party recently, nothing too fancy, just board games, pizza and new friends.  But the inevitable “What do you do?” came up.  I hate this question.  Often it’s meant as a conversation-starter, or an ice breaker.  But if you’re talking to someone who is unemployed or unconventionally employed, you immediately push the conversation into awkward territory. ...more
Once I asked someone this question, just making conversation, and they responded with, "I can do ... more

Boys don't wear nail polish!

My boys and I were relaxing on my bed last night just before bed. The littlest, Goose, being nosy, decides to dig through my "Mommy" drawer and finds a bottle of clear coat nail polish with glitter. My oldest, Bubba, sees it, takes it from his brother and holds the bottle up into the light and asks me what it is. The swirling glitter has them both entranced. I tell them that it's nail polish and describe how it's applied. Bubba then asks me to put some on his finger. Uh oh...how do I answer?...more
For those concerned about social fallout, I find that getting a selection of primary colors and ... more

Poultry Cavity Conflict: Causes and Solutions

With turkey season fast-approaching you have no doubt heard a lot about Poultry Cavity Conflict (PCC). It is the cause of anger and disappointment around many a family table. But what is at the heart of this issue and how can you eject it from your kitchen? Read on to find out all about PCC and about how to solve this common problem....more
I used to stuff because I do love me some mushy juice-ified stuffing, but I have found that I ... more