Growing Roots

After being in England for over a year I finally feel some roots creeping into the ground. Not roots like we had in Ohio or in Texas, but roots none the less. This "rooting" process always seems to take SO long. And this time it took even longer because I wasn't working......well working OUTSIDE of the home. ...more
I know when we moved to Edmonton it was a shock to my system and didn't know anyone. I'm not ...more

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I'm am SO in the Christmas spirit this year you guys. The last 2 years haven't really felt like "Christmas". 2 years ago we spent Christmas in Florida with my in-laws, it was great being with them but wearing capris and taking walks on the beach didn't scream "Christmas" to me - but I'm totally NOT complaining about it! Then last year we had just moved into our a house a month before Christmas. Things were still in boxes, I didn't have all of our holiday decor out, I was nursing a baby all the time and I had a 20 month old to chase around....more
I'm excited for Christmas Brunch and Supper with my loved ones! If we have snow you can also add ...more

Blogging Etiquette

If you are reading this post it's because you are either - a friend, family member, fellow blogger, or some random creepy person {let's hope the random creepy person doesn't exist}If you are a friend or family member this post is all about blogging so you may want to go back to what you were doing before. {like stalking my facebook page or buying me hunter wellies in magenta or black - half calf gloss, a sewing machine or photoshop elements}If you are a blogger. Please read on....more

Military Life

I'm a military kiddo turned military spouse. Yup. I've never known anything outside of military life except for the 3 years after college before I met my husband. I was just talking to the hubs, a few nights ago, about how I don't understand why so many people are fascinated by military life - because for me it's normal life. Because what's fascinating to ME is how someone can grow up with the same people their whole life and live in the same town or state and not move! Now THAT right there is cah-ray-zee! I guess it's just what you know right?!...more

I'm { blank } because

idea from Ashley @ Little Miss MommaI am weird because:...more


Before my 1st was born I made sure I read ALL the books. BabyWise, What To Expect During the First Year, Baby Whisperer...and the list goes on. I had been around kids my entire life but I didn't have a clue about schedules, growth spurts, eating habits, nursing problems, baby blues.  I was excited and nervous about having this baby. When little C was born nothing went how I thought it would....more

I Wish I Knew - a Vlog

Hello!!!!!!! It's another VLOG day! Yeah! I would love any feedback you have on these bad boys. Seriously. I have enjoyed making them but want to know what YOU think. Do you enjoy them? Do you want to see more? Give me your thoughts people.... Also, I'm linking up with the sweet Nicole from Miss Mommy.......more
I like your vlogs - keep doing them!more

Facebook Blog Page

How do you utilize your Facebook blog page?I made my Momma Bird page a few months back because my personal page was getting bogged down with "blog pages" in my feed. Once I made the page, I went and "liked" all my fellow blogging buddies through my page. Well lately I'm just getting confused because I will "like" a page when I'm in Momma Bird mode but then will sometimes forget to like it when I'm in Michelle P....more

Thankfulness Series Wk.1

 We are starting off our Thankfulness series today and I'm SO excited about it!The last few months I've really been trying to find something that touches the hearts of the readers out there....more

Getting Organized - Blog Style

I have been trying to do more with the blog stuff & dreaming of the endless possibilities of a hobby turned etsy shop. I’m still working on the latter but in the blogging world things are coming along nicely. I am enjoying getting to know so many wonderful women and twitter is keeping me up WAY past my bedtime....more