Black, White & Turquoise Rooms

BlogHer Readers: If you like these posts, please follow along at rarely update posts here because I already publish to readers and Facebook and Twitter. Thanks! Today I've gathered photos of my current favorite color combination - turquoise, black and white: ...more

Entryways and Foyers

That's my "foyer" (the first image below & there is usually a runner but it's being cleaned right now). I honestly don't know what the builder was thinking when they designed it. The door almost hits the stairs when open. When guests come in, they have to walk through the dining room, even though logically they should go to the left, to the foot of the stairs and entry to the kitchen. But the door is hung backwards, and when open, you can't get by it to the left! ...more

I have no real front door opens straight into the living room. These are gorgeous. ...more

Swimming in Pink


Can You Spare 200 Million Dimes?

For those of you who read this blog regularly, you know that when I dream, I dream BIG!  Some of my favorite posts are my "In My Dreams Dream Homes."  This one is is similar....  I was browsing $20m homes (why not?) and came across these.  Honestly, I think I would have a life-long panic attack if I ever DID have this kind of money to spend on a house. What would I do? ...more

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Looking


ARCH-itecturally Pleasing Elements [Architecture Week Post 1]

This week is Architecture Week - I'll have posts on arches, doors, windows, and more this week. I hope you join me, for what would interior design be without good architecture? ...more

Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love