Team Captain to Chief Executive: How Sports Help Propel Women to Success

Why do you think there’s such a high correlation between team sports and high-profile businesswomen?...more
This is the honest truth!  As a mom, and a former athlete, I urge my daughter to be well ...more

Teen Girl Convinces EA Sports to Add Female Avatar to NHL12 Game

It's no secret that girls like to play hockey.  And some of them are pretty darn good. Just look at players like Cammi Granato, Angela Ruggiero, Manon Rheaume, and Hayley Wickenheiser ....more
This is awesome!more

Great Father's Day Gifts for Sporty Dads

Father’s Day is coming up and everyone knows what that means. If your dad (or children's dad) is a sporty guy, there are lots of creative gift choices. And you still have plenty of time - the big Sunday is June 19th this year.Some dads never grow up, especially when it comes to their childhood sports and sports heroes. This is a great time of year then, to allow your dad to put on a uniform or get some new gear and become a kid again. From fantasy sports camps, to high tech gadgets that will improve his game, there are plenty of sporty Father's Day gifts in all price ranges....more