Giving the Gift of a Good Death to a Good Friend

Today I had the honor to stand by the deathbed of a dear and loyal friend.  Today I had the privilege of being with him to ease him out of this life.  And today I also had the responsibility of deciding that it was time for that life to end.Today we put our dog to sleep....more

See Planned Parenthood Top Doctor Talk Fetal Tissue Harvest and Sale over Lunch

The video below is not for the faint of heart--although it contains no graphic images. But there's something stomach-turning in watching a doctor discuss the sale of fetal body parts over lunch as she takes bites of her salad and sips her red wine. couldn't help thinking about this scene from The Return of the King showing Denethor, Steward of Gondor, munching away as his son goes to fight to his (almost) death at this father's command.

After the Flag Comes Down, Then What?

Let's get one thing straight up front: it's time for the flag to come down. It's divisive, it's hurtful, and whatever you or I or anyone might have meant by keeping or displaying it just doesn't matter now that the Dylann Roofs of this world have chosen it as their banner. Jan 21, 2008 - Columbia, South Carolina, U.S. - The Confederate Battle Flag flies on the grounds of the South Carolina State House (Credit Image: © Erik Lesser/ZUMA Press)...more
diaperstopotty I don't know!  I would like to think--I DO think--that it's getting better, ...more

Talking with Kids about Race

Update: I wrote this five years ago.  I think many of us hoped racism would die simply die out along with elderly racists.  What happened in Charleston makes it clear that racism persists even in the young.  So those of us who are parents have a responsibility to try to raise non-racist children.  I find myself doing this differently now and actually talkin more about race with my younger kids than I did with my older ones....more
I'm baffled that even today both black and white children exhibit race bias.  I completely agree ...more

Let's Hear It for Skin!

They Like Me! (Or Maybe They Don't. And I Don't Care.)

Image Credit: Spirit Science Most of us want to be liked, right?  It's human nature, isn't it, to crave acceptance, to want to be part of a tribe?  But worrying about whether people like you can be debilitating....more

#1000Speak: The Compassion Connection

Let's connect!  Looking forward to connecting! I'd like to connect with you!...more

Do You Ever Feel Like a Hidden Mother?

I don't remember how I happened to run across my first hidden—or even better, invisible—mother photograph. But I've been haunted by the pictures ever since I discovered them. There's really nothing sinister about them. The shrouded mother was never meant to be featured in the photograph. Here's how it was supposed to work. ...more
Thank you!more

Becoming Part of the Tribe

Should We Be Applauding the Baltimore Mom Who Beat Her Rioting Son?

Am I the only person in America who is having a little problem with this? Image Credit: WMAR Please understand, I am NOT bashing this mother. I am sure she loves her son and was concerned for his safety and his future. I'm not accusing her of abuse, or saying that her parenting caused her son to be a rioter, or advocating that he be removed from her care....more
SamanthaLily Thanks, Samantha.  You put it well and succinctly!more