Eleanor Simmons

Hello my name is Eleanor Simmons.     I know everyone “has... read more

Eleanor Simmons


Hello my name is Eleanor Simmons.     I know everyone “has an opinion” and I find it so interesting listening to everyone’s opinion.    I definitely “have an opinion” and you would probably enjoy hearing it.

I truly believe that if you stare, think and play with something long enough you will figure it out.   I spend a lot of time doing that, in fact I wake up in the middle of the night trying to figure things out.   I consider my self a protectionist; however I have been called something else by one of my work colleagues.    Are you ready?   Anal Retentive.   Well OK mildly.   I’ve come to terms with that.

I consider myself thrifty and meticulous.    I grew up in a home that did not have much spare change and it was easy to learn to not spend if you don’t have it.    So I don’t spend it even if I have it.   I find a way to get it cheaper, make it or fix it.   Compare your products and use the best one suited for your project or lifestyle.

My mom worked but she also took care of the home.    She very rarely bought anything in a can.    I remember tuna and canned fruit in the winter.      Summer was spent making preserves and freezing vegetables.   Laundry was done with an old wringer washer until I was in my late teens.    I find it amazing that my younger friends do not know the time and money saving techniques I grew up with.    So I am willing to share them with you.    Leave a comment anytime, I am happy to respond.

I am always thinking and figuring things out.   Everyone has questions about life and “How Toes”.    Feel free to ask me anything and I will post it for you and share with the rest of the blog world.