Nie Asks: What's Your Dream Car?

A few months ago I was able to drive my dream car: a '69 Mustang. What is your dream car? Do you own it? Or do you not have one? Tell me in the comments: I want to know!...more
To me, any car is my favorite car. Having grown up in a family that didn't own one (nor with ... more

Nie Asks: Show Me Your Favorite Photo Today

What's your favorite photo today? ...more
This one never fails to make me laugh. It's of my daughter, Emma (green dress), and her friend ... more

Nie Asks: What Are Your Feelings on Gun Ownership?

My husband and I regularly go to the practice range to shoot, and have for years. I have a concealed carrier's permit. I know this is a very hot and controversial topic right now. What are your thoughts on gun ownership? Do you own a gun? Tell me -- I want to know! ...more
I see no problem with law-abiding citizens owning firearms. The problem lies with those who are ... more

Nie Asks: What's Your Favorite Soft Drink?

What is your beverage of choice? We like Italian soda with citrus flavors: aranciata and limonata. What about you? What do you reach for? Tell me in the comments. ...more
Water -- just water -- nice and cold, with ice. Not a soda drinker, and rarely have juice. When ... more

Nie Asks: Do You Blow Out Birthday Candles?

Do you and your loved ones blow birthday candles out still? Or is that a dying tradition? What's your favorite birthday tradition? Tell me: I want to know! ...more
We blow out candles every year. I'm the oldest, at 52; my husband will turn 48 in April. The ... more

Nie Asks: What's Your Favorite Winter Activity?

What is your favorite winter activity? Me: Skiing! This year my favorite ski resort is putting in a new lift. Now your turn: What do you love doing in wintertime? Tell me: I want to know!...more
It's not that I love it, actually, but it's what winter seems to expect of me -- which is ... more

Nie Asks: What Do You See Out of Your Window Right Now?

What do you see out your window right now? This morning, I saw the sun rising over the amazing mountains. What do you see out your window right now? Me this morning: I saw the sun rising over the amazing mountains. Your turn: What do you see? I want to know! Tell me in the comments. ...more
I see a void where two cedar trees were taken down due to Hurricane Sandy. However, I also see ... more

Nie Asks: What's Your Favorite Part of Autumn?

What is your favorite part about autumn? Me? I LOVE when the leaves change! What does fal look like where you live? How do you celebrate fall? Tell me now -- I want to know!...more
Although I am a summer person, when I feel that first crisp breeze, I always think of plaid ... more

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks?

These are two of my very favorite cookbooks. What are your favorite?? I want to know!...more
I get most of my recipes from these days, but when I turn to a cookbook, "The Joy ... more

What's for Dinner Tonight?

What are you cooking for dinner tonight? I'm making a yummy autumn soup. What about you? Are you cooking tonight? What are you making? I want to know!...more
Normally, Sunday is pasta day at our house. No, we're not Italian, but both my husband and I ... more