Self-Preservation vs Self-Sabotage...There's A Difference

Last night, as I was scrolling through my cable tv guide, I came across the movie Something Borrowed and decided to tune in. I had heard of the best selling book by Emily Giffin, though I've never read it, and was curious to see what it was all about. The story pretty much follows the main character, Rachel, a Manhattan lawyer who (in her tipsy, just turned 30 haze) accidentally reveals to her bff's fiancé that she's been in love with him since their days in law school. Turns out, Hunky Mcdreamy had a crush on Rachel too....more

A Single Girl's Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are a notoriously difficult time for many singles. Invites to parties are rolling in and dates are scarce, the weather is getting crisper and you're sans a snuggle partner, and the impending familial gatherings often come with a grande relationship status inquisition. It is the season to be merry, but the reality is that many are not when faced with circumstances that veer far from your (or other's) expectations. ...more
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"How Do I Cure A Broken Heart?" and Other Common Breakup Questions

So, you just broke up with a guy and you're feeling like hell. Or, maybe it's been several months and you're still feeling like hell. Maybe you're even contemplating getting back together with him? Breakups are tough. I can state from experience that being done with a relationship, especially after spending a significant amount of time in one, is a hard pill to swallow. Subsequently, there are several age old questions regarding breaking up that will always exist. Let's examine a few shall we... ...more

Acts of Getting You Into Bed

Happy Monday. Time to start off the week with another Lesson from the Ladies Room. This week's lesson is inspired by the over-eager beavers out there who feel the need to fast forward the physical progression of the relationship by playing into particular vulnerabilities of the female mind. The reality is, if a guy likes you, he wants to sleep with you. If he doesn't like you he probably wants to sleep with you too as a matter of fact. It's natural....more

5 Solo Milestones for Today's Singleton

For an era that seems to worship independence, it sure does seem to frown upon being alone. In an age where "Ms. Independent" is celebrated for having her own career and living life on her own terms, god forbid she be seen out in a little black dress at an uber-trendy bistro having dinner by herself.  In our world, there are certain types of activities that are deemed by the bulk of society to be more appropriately achieved along side others....more

10 Rules for Hanging Out With Your Ex

So, you think you're ready to start hanging out with your ex now do ya? Maybe some time has passed since the break-up and you're feeling like you are sufficiently healed. Maybe you ran into your ex accidentally and you both promised to catch up properly sometime soon. While I do believe that some former couples can and will successfully morph their relationship into a viable platonic friendship, I do also think that in most instances this takes time....more

Drunk Dialing Is Dangerous

It'ssss Monday, lovelies and that can only mean one thing: time for another Monday manners lesson straight from the ladies room. Last week, we reviewed reasons why living out your tumultuous relationship drama on Facebook is a huge faux pas. This week's lesson: #2- Drunk dialing is dangerous!...more

Modern Enhancement: 5 Ways to Beautify the Inner You

Hello Lovelies!Yesterday was my half birthday, I realized. I am officially half way to becoming the big 3-0! Whoa! You see, my girlfriends and I have a lot of conversations about growing older and the subsequent fears that it ensues. Standard stuff...biological clocks tick-tocking, crows feet coming a knocking, etc....more

Got A Case of Emotional Horniness?

 You know the feeling: It's not quite about sex...more the need to feel emotionally connected/bonded/attracted to someone. The single life can be nothing short of outstanding if you own it and take advantage of all your freedom has to offer. However, living even the most fabulous of single lives does not exempt you from yearning for intimacy. You miss hugs, cuddles, slow kisses, having a guy look at you and smile, and the feeling of knowing that he is really into you.  ...more