Wardrobe Spring Cleaning: Tips and Tricks from the Trenches

My Great Closet Cleanout started when I was doing laundry. Laundry is, possibly, one of my least favorite chores around the house, after vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. But, well, eventually the wardrobe runs dry and it becomes a question of "is Jeanne taking a sassy fashion risk today? Or is it laundry day?" More often than not, it's laundry day. ...more
"...if I would rather go through the whole laundry ordeal instead of wearing what's in the ...more

The Breakover: Something's Gotta Change and I Think It's My Hair

There's a term I've seen floating around the gossip and fashion magazines and blogs lately -- Glamour has dubbed it the "breakover." It's the haircut -- or, in some cases,the entirely new look -- you get for yourself when you end a relationship. Recently Abbie Cornish and Jennifer Love Hewitt have both gone through public break-ups, with new cuts and colors to show that they -- or at least their hairstyles -- have moved on. ...more

Great post, the title caught my attention :)

Definitely dyed hair, or got it cut after a ...more

Lady Gaga: Bold in Beauty and Business

Here's a quick pop culture quiz for you: Lady Gaga is which of the following? a. A pop star and musician. b. A fashion and beauty icon. c. A social media-savvy business woman. d. All of the above. ...more

It wasn't love at first sight for me and Lady Gaga -- I was like "okay, what, what's going ...more

Retail Therapy: Confessions of a Former Shop Girl

I've paid my dues for working the retail job. Working retail -- specifically fashion retail -- definitely helped make me a better customer. I always hang up my clothes after trying them on, right side out, buttoned up if needed, because I've been the one who has to hang stuff back up. I was already doing it anyway, but having the experience of working fashion retail solidified it. I don't want to be That Customer, because I've dealt with That Customer, and I don't want to do that to someone else. ...more

I have all the sympathy in the world for salespeople--I know what it's like!  We had ...more

The Pajama Game - Cute, Cuddly, and Comfy

I'm planning on spending a lot of time in pajamas the next week or so. ...more

Don't discount the more

Adorable and Affordable Headband Trends for Fall and Winter

As the head of registration for BlogHer events, I'm a little bit famous for my red headband....more

Thanks for all of the links! I love wearing headbands!  I don't think they are just for ...more

That Mad Men Look On Your Eyes

The third season of Mad Men came to a conclusion on Sunday night -- I know I was satisfied! -- and I'm already looking forward to what's coming next season....more

Closet Confidential (Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way)

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and Closet Confidental.If you're following fashion blogs, and you aren't already reading Daddy Likey, then you are missing out. Fashion can be "serious business" (lighten up, it's just fashion!), but Winona keeps it smart, hysterical, and grounded at the same time....more

Shes hilarious!


Just bump it!

It's been cold and stormy here in the San Francisco area, which means that my swimsuits have definitely been packed away for some time now. Lately I've been wearing tights either under my jeans (not just to keep warm, but because I have chronic sock-falling-down issues when I wear my fall boots) or with skirts. I've been taking ballet classes once a week since January, which means I'm running around in leggings (or tights again) on Saturdays. And since I've been reorganizing my wardrobe, I realized that except for two pairs of pants, all my pants are skinny....more

Shopping the Closet for Halloween

We've still got three weeks and change until Halloween, a holiday that doesn't really creep up so much as start appearing in August. The big-box stores started opening before Labor Day, there are pumpkins crowding around outside the supermarkets and popping up in abandoned lot pumpkin patches, and the corn mazes are standing tall. ...more