Do We Need More School Lunch Regulations?

When we look at some of them school lunches being served to kids in Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars, sometimes it's easy to think that we need more school lunch regulations. Why are kids being served sugary cereals and donuts for breakfast? Why chocolate milk instead of regular milk? But are more regulations really the answer? It is possible that we actually need less? ...more
I don't think more rules is this answer. The system is already so complicated already! The ... more

The $1 School Lunch: Could You Do It?

I am not fond of the word "budget." I've had good ones and bad ones and it always seemed that when I had bad ones the first thing to get cut was the food budget. I thought about food budgeting a lot while reading Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars. I wondered how much it really cost schools to create a school lunch and if they really could make them healthier without increasing their costs. ...more
I think I spend less than $2 at least per day. We always pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ... more

Ketchup is a Vegetable & Other School Lunch Oddities

Every now and then I'll happen upon a comment about ketchup being a vegetable. It's usually sarcastic and I've never really known the origins to the phrase. I can thank Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars for clearing it up for me. It seems that in the 1980s there was a directive put forth by the government that looked at reclassifying ketchup (and relish!) as a vegetable. This would have allowed schools to cut out a serving of actual vegetables from school lunches. Scary, isn't it? ...more
I heard a story about the potato thing on NPR this morning. Apparently they are considering ... more

Lunch Wars: School Lunches I Have Known

As I read Amy Kalafa's Lunch Wars, I keep having flashbacks to school lunches I have loved. Or loathed. It depended on the day, really. It seems to me like a good place to start discussions about Lunch Wars -- the school lunches we have personally known. ...more
PB & J sandwich, an apple, baby carrots and an three Oreo cookies. Still eat it everyday! I ... more

Cooking (and Cookies!) for One

One of the things that Dominique Browning admitted struggling with in her memoir, Slow Love is cooking for one. It's something I've struggled with and continue to struggle with when my husband goes off on business trips and I'm the only one home. The difference between me and Dominique? I actually enjoy cooking. ...more
while living off-campus in college, i had cheese and crackers for dinner pretty much every ... more

The "So What?" Lesson

I could learn a lot from Dominique Browning about gardening. The parts in Slow Love where she talked about her gardens and her approach to gardening were some of my favorites. Perhaps because when it comes to gardening I am a big chicken. Yes, I am scared of my flower beds. ...more
I immediately thought of my sewing machine. It was a very generous birthday gift from my ... more

Dominique Got Canned: Do You Have A Plan?

Let's not gloss over it -- when Dominique Browning got let go from Conde Nast, she was in a better position than most of us. She didn't have much debt. She owned two houses. She had investments. She had options that meant that she was able to take the time to get back on her feet. That's a luxury that most of us don't have. ...more
We're big Dave Ramsey fans, so we've followed his advice about having six months of expenses ... more

How Would You Define Yourself Without Work?

One of the things that struck me as I was reading Slow Love is how rudderless Dominique Browning was without work. She, like many of us, was defined by the work she did. Without that work, she asked, who was she? ...more
While I do prefer to define myself by my relationships to others (wife, mother, daughter, ... more