Coffee Shop Carrie: Do Viral Videos Ever Go Too Far?

What do you think of this movie promotion for the remake of Stephen King's Carrie?  The movie focuses on a young woman with telekinetic powers. In order to harness the holy grail of viral publicity, the promoters made a stunt video. Of course they did, because ever-escalating stunts are super clicky on YouTube and in the "you've got to see this" sharing world or Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.  And they are scoring, big time....more
I absolutely loved this stunt. If I was in that coffee shop, I'd be giddy - until I found out ... more

Which of the New Winter Movies Do You Want to See?

If you love movies, we are now entering the best time of year for visiting the silver screen. Many of the studios release their blockbusters and potential award winners at the end of the year. They are hoping the voters for Golden Globes and the Oscars will take notice of their efforts if they release closer to the time of the ceremonies....more
I definitely checked The Hobbit (cannot wait!), The Life of Pi and Skyfall. YAY for movie season! more

What's Your Favorite Science Fiction Movie?

  Research shows that the Sci Fi genre is not as successful with women as other types of movies.  Really?  The new J.J....more

I said Star Wars (the Original) but that's just one of many! All Star Wars', all Star Trek's, ... more