Margaret Ryan

Partner and Business Consultant As a WonderWorker, I have the pleasure of... read more

Margaret Ryan


Partner and Business Consultant

 As a WonderWorker, I have the pleasure of collaborating with fabulous clients that are committed to building a culture of wellness and authenticity for their employees.

I support clients by creating and designing custom leadership development programs that; revitalize their employee’s innovative and creative spirit, maximizes personal and team transformation, produce genius communicators and invites fun into the workspace.


In my role as a business consultant, I utilize my two decades of leadership and business consulting experience and as a certified body centered coach, to support leaders that want to transition their employee population into strategic thinkers, agile and conscious decision makers. Who love living and fulfilling their purpose in the world. I love being a WonderWorker. Are you a WonderWorker in your company?


StrengthFinder - My top five strengths are: Maximizer, Ideation, Individualization, Connectedness and Arranger.