Helping Family: When Is Enough?

On Sunday, my hubby's sister posted a photo of their dad in his uniform on her Facebook feed to honor him on Veteran's Day. It's a great photo of their dad, and the sentiment was touching.  ...more
When you stop playing the game! I invite you to take one big step out of the drama triangle. Get ... more

Nancy Pelosi Fires Back at Luke Russert’s Ageist and Sexist Question

While most pundits were making predictions about whether or not Rep. Nancy Pelosi would announce she is stepping up once again as House Minority Leader, NBC reporter Luke Russert was apparently practicing his one liners. At the 7 a.m. press conference where the Congressional veteran announced that she does indeed want to lead the House Democrats, Russert – the son of the late Meet the Press host Tim Russert – basically asked why the old people don’t just hurry up and retire?...more
I think his comment says more about him than her. That said, this issue of age, I speak to on a ... more

Dear Mitt Romney, Here's My 47% Story

In 2003, I was unexpectedly pregnant. But, oh, I was in love with my child. I began working at a low-paying job, at all kinds of stupid hours, so I could provide for my child, for myself. I did sign up for Medical Assistance through state assistance because my employer did not offer (affordable) insurance, but I didn't sign up for Food Stamps or Cash Assistance through the state of Pennsylvania because certain groups of people made that a shameful action. I believed I was stronger and better than people who needed such things. I was going to Make It in the world, without help, without assistance. Ah, how pride cometh before the fall. At 18 weeks pregnant, I was at work when I started to feel a little woozy. My back hurt horribly, and not in an "I'm Pregnant and Achy All Over Way." I wasn't even showing yet, so it wasn't even an "I Gained Too Much Weight Already And My Back Hurts." I knew it was different. I felt whiny, but I left work early, ate a sandwich, and took a nap in my modest, self-funded apartment. I woke up with a fever of 104. After calling my doctor, I went straight to the Emergency Room. ...more
I have a sense of great sadness today when I read Romney speaking his truths. Why is this man ... more

Lessons Learned from Doing NaBloPoMo

Cue "Eye of the Tiger" playing on my iPod. We'll call it mood music, because today's post is all about what I've learned participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) through BlogHer. Get comfortable, grab some Ramen noodles (kudos if you get the reference) and let's rehash all the things I've learned through this process. ...more
Congratulations you 30 day plus I am extremely grateful for this initiative because though I ... more

Sexist Flap: Should Elisabeth Hasselbeck Be Angry at Bill Maher?

I did not watch The View yesterday. Did you? But apparently I missed quite the spat between Real Time host Bill Maher and The View’s conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Who confronted Maher over a joke the comedian made last February about her and CBS News correspondent Lara Logan, suggesting that Egypt trade Logan, who was then being held hostage, for the less hot Hasselbeck. ...more
She had every right to be angry but how she handled herself, spoke more about her low EQ than his more

Coke – Breaking The Habit!

It's been a long time in coming. Today is the day I have decided to stop drinking coca-cola products. This is nothing new. I have tried a number of times to quit before only to start again, and again. I am and have been fully aware of the negative effects of soda, and only this week I read an article about soda causing heart issues. But still I allowed myself to ignore the seriousness of what I was doing to myself, and if I remember correctly, I was drinking a glass of coke as I read the enlightening article. I notice how angry and sad I feel with myself as I write this blog....more
@jacquelineparis Loved the thought of your 'one night stand' more

Why It's Critical for Families that Mississippi's "Personhood" Amendment Failed

[Editor's note: There was so much wrong with Mississippi's so-called Personhood Amendment that I can't begin to describe how elated I am that it failed. If you weren't following the vote, you'll be shocked by what the measure would have done. Particularly a terrifying provision that would have banned women from even getting fertility treatments. ...more
Sadly it's more about control than good sense. I assume the folks who introduced the amendment ... more

(Trigger Alert) Updated: Texas Judge Beats Daughter, And I'm So Glad She Taped It

I have never written a post before while sobbing. And I'm not being melodramatic -- this video has taken something primal in my brain and it is responding to this girl's cries. I feel insane with anger right now. Please know if you read this post, you will be disturbed. I'm writing it because abuse needs to be exposed, and this man needs to be punished. ...more
I found watching the tape so upsetting, who wouldn't? Well, it seems there are folks out there, ... more