Mom, If You Ever Have To Make Me Practice, I'm Done Playing

“…it’s a choice you make.”This is the end of a conversation I had with a young soccer player recently. She told me she wanted to play professional soccer when she was older. And I told her what it takes.Well, I told her one thing that I thought it took. And one decision I made without knowing I made it.  And I guess it was something soccer taught me without knowing it for a long time… but now I see what I have learned....more
This division to do the arrival of humans accept to be tired, not afraid, because the duke bag ...more

A Look Ahead at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup

By: Tiffany WeimerThis summer, the grandest of women’s sporting events will take place throughout nine cities in Germany.  The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which is slated to be the most competitive tournament since its inception in 1991, will bring the world together to celebrate its most popular game....more