Lies Our Grandparents Told Us

As I sit here in what seems like clutter up to my eyeballs, I'm often reminded of the spotless house that my Granny had. It was always put together, although she would go about whenever we came over claiming that we needed to help with dusting and vacuuming. In retrospect I think it was a way for her to stay sane, and to teach us the habits of cleaning. Or, it was just a huge continuation of things that her grandparents had instilled in her at a young age....more

So You Want to Start a Community Garden

 It's been on my mind for a while to start a community garden ever since I moved into my new neighborhood a year and some months ago. I'm not sure exactly why this became such a huge desire in my soul, but I'm still trying to make it happen. I've been scouring the internet to find ways to help fund this very large endeavor, and I've kept Mr....more

Gird Your Loins and Load Your GIFs, Because Here Comes Christmas Already

I'll be the first to admit that I am a lover of holidays. In all actuality, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the process of cooking and feeding the folks that I love. But there is just something about the spirit of Christmas that makes me grin from ear to ear and smile in anticipation of it. But I know I'm not everyone....more
Karen Ballum Bring on the glitter!more

How to Become a Twitter Rockstar at the #BlogHer15 Conference

So, you're ready to take BlogHer by storm. You have your ticket, your room, and every single outfit and pair of comfortable shoes that you own packed into one carry-on and your one personal item. However, the single most important tool that you will carry in your arsenal will be whatever you tweet from. Believe me, tweeting is practically an Olympic sport at the conference. ...more

How Can I Get Better at Fostering My Best Relationships?

On Saturday, I was reading blog posts from #NaBloPoMo and ran across a post from my friend Brandie over at Journey Of A Thousand Stitches. She was speaking about the walls that some of us build when it comes to friendships. ...more
SeeminglyOrdinary oh, now I feel really bad! I didn't know that anyone was interested in this ...more

A Cluttered Mind

Polishing My Nails

I love this. It's so hard to make time to do something for ourselves - there are so many excuses ...more

Back To the Middle #NaBloPoMo

Welcome to #NaBloPoMo or National Blog Post Month where millions of bloggers world round are going to struggle with the act of blogging from the heart each and every single day for the month of November. I’m one of those. I know that I have been presenting quite a bit of sponsored posts (of things that I love – trust that) but still....more


Sundays used to be a day of great anticipation for me. Back in the day, you know, when I was a teenager and dating Mr. Houseful, it was the GUARANTEED day that I got to see him. In person. And we would find ways to hang out with each other in those precious four or five hours that we had out of the week. Yes. Five hours of church. I go to a black church. It’s our thing. You say something about it, I may get irritated even though I fully know that I have issues with being in church that long now that I am a parent and wife. C’est la vie. ...more