Daydreaming of Him

 Daydreaming of my late husband and musings on my marital rings....more
I'm totally crying. Totally. It's so amazing how peaceful dreams can be when you've lost a loved ... more

X Marked the Lump on My Breast

WHAT IS THIS? My fingers felt a grape size lump under my right breast. Is this a lump on my breast? My heart skipped a beat. What does it look like? I asked Daniel, my future husband, to describe it to me. "It looks like a pimple. Maybe." Okay. So maybe it is a pimple and my skin is reacting to it. To be on the safe side I'll make an appointment on Monday. The "what if it's not" kept my mind racing for hours. It took all of my willpower to not get into bed and cry. It took all of strength to not freak out. If I did freak out then this finding was real. ...more
We all have to learn to listen to our bodies. It's important even more so it seems than ten ... more

6 Lessons I Learned by Dating Outside of My Race

My husband and I have been married for what seems like forever (almost 12 years). Every time we reminisce about our dating years, I can't help but think the challenges of dating outside my race. During my high school years I learned never to bring a black boy home after my mom flipped out when a platonic friend stopped by our home to chat with me. I'm lucky my husband and I eventually had a happy ending, but we had some rough times....more
It's funny (not ha ha, you know what I mean) but my parents always assumed that me and my ... more

Sasha Obama is Not Ready for Facebook. Are Your Kids?

It may not be the most erudite periodical on the market, but every once in a while People magazine has an article that gives me pause. Recently it was a quote by the President and First Lady saying that Sasha is too young for Facebook. ...more
My oldest is 13 and he doesn't have a FB page. He'll become acquainted with the world of ... more

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child (But What if The Kids Are Jerks?)

Deep dark parenting confession: I don't like other people's children. Now now, let's not be hasty. There are plenty of great kids out there. I love some of my friends' kids almost as much as I love my own, and I've met a handful or three at the grocery store that seemed like pretty alright cats I could tolerate at a barbeque for like, a whole half an hour. Deep dark parenting confession: I don't like parenting other people's children. ...more
This is totally how I introduce myself to people. The next statement is usually, "But you have ... more

Top 5 Worst Prom Dresses of 2013

It's early April, and no one has asked me to the prom. Yet....more
The Barbie picture just did me in. more

How I Learned to Love the Way I Look

While I have always been pretty comfortable with who I was, I was not always comfortable with how I looked. Like many teenagers, I did not exit the awkward years of adolescence unscathed. While I always thought I had a pretty face (I have my mother to thank for that) I hated pretty much everything else about my body. My breast never grew like those of my friends; all I was gifted with was thighs that looked like small tree trunks (to me anyway). ...more
LOVE IT! And I agree with everyone, you're a gorgeous woman, but I know that we have to always ... more

What the Steubenville Verdict Taught This Mother

This past weekend the verdict was handed down the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial of two teenage boys. The verdict, crime and victim have been hotly debated. The defense attorney in me looked at the story one way. While the mom in me looked at it another.  It is as the mother of a son, who is a good boy, that I write this article. As mothers of sons,  it is important for us to realize we are our sons' first and most important teachers and we must be specific when teaching our sons life lessons....more
Being a mom is hard. Being a mom of boys is hard enough. But being a mom of boys in today's ... more

My Sister, Not My Friend

To say that my relationship with my younger sister has been less than perfect, would be the understatement of a lifetime. I would describe my relationship with my younger sister Tara Marie as turbulent, unstable and until very recently, upon the verge of eruption.My sister and I have always treaded lightly around each other as if we were walking around on cracked glass. Over the last year our already fragile relationship has been slowly cracking, and last October during my stepmother's violent behavior my relationship with my younger sister, Tara Marie, finally shattered....more
This hurts my heart to read. I get it though. As someone who wishes that their sister was still ... more

Sister Loss: 11 Years, Still Painful

Editor's Note: The loss of a loved one is never easy, especially when the deceased was your little sister, your buddy in life. Though over a decade has passed, Natasha feels a particular sting this year in facing her sister's absence. --Heather...more
@suebob YES! Exactly that! I feel like I've been robbed of 11 years of sharing with her. I can't ... more