I Support You

My mom still talks about hiding in the closet in her own home to nurse her baby when relatives were over. The pressure to wean was immense back in the 1970′s and she weaned my brother and sister before she or my siblings were ready.When I came along in 1986, my mother was more confident to power through heavy criticism and practiced child-led weaning, which was what she believed was right for me....more

Why Our Family Allows Toy Guns

Strobridge Elementary school in Hayward, California held a "safety day” during which firefighters discussed fire safety and police officers discussed bicycle and gun safety. The unique part of this day was the toy gun exchange. Kids who gave up their toy gun (squirt gun, Nerf gun, Star Wars blaster- you name it) received a book and were entered in a raffle to win a bicycle. Image Credit: Jamie Lynn Grumet...more
Great post. I interviewed women gun owners earlier this year for some stories. One thing that ...more

Nut Free Edible Play Dough Recipe: Sunbutter


"Disruptive" Hair Style Gets 5-Year-Old Suspended from School

Five-year-old Ethan Clos was suspended last Wednesday from Reid Primary and Middle School for having a “disruptive” hairstyle. According to Ethan’s mom, he had been asking her repeatedly for a Mohawk, and she allowed him to get it over spring break. When he returned to school, the administration suspended Ethan, saying, ”Our dress and grooming policies are designed to ensure that clothing and hairstyles do not cause a distraction to the learning environment.”...more
Well I guess my son in first grade and his classmate in kindergarten would have also been ...more

Racism, Our Progress and Our Problems

“As my sufferings mounted I soon realized that there were two ways in which I could respond to my situation — either to react with bitterness or seek to transform the suffering into a creative force. I decided to follow the latter course.”                         -Martin Luther King Jr. This is a week to reflect on how much progress we’ve made since the days of segregation and how much farther we have to go to fight racism....more
I agree that social media has made things worse because people feel anonymous enough to say ...more

Second Generation "Extended" Breastfeeding

My friend Sara and I were chatting a couple days ago about our thoughts on being breastfed past infancy. I  brought up the positive experiences I had while being breastfed into my early childhood years (I weaned around the 5th or 6th year of life, but the process is so slow no one really remembers my exact age)....more

Celebrating Christmas Without Presents

This year, we are starting the tradition of forgoing traditional Christmas presents. As extreme as it may sound for some, we feel it is absolutely right for our family. For me, all of the excitement leading up to Christmas Day is what I love the most.First, we have Halloween, which, for us, ends up being more about buying pumpkins and dressing up than anything else. It’s a costume party to kick off the season: fun. ...more
Can't wait to hear what you actually do on Christmas day!  Because, like you said, after the ...more

The Truth Behind the Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving that we all know and love is actually a 19th century creation. By the early twentieth century it was really established as what it is – a family gathering to celebrate blessings. The true history of Thanksgiving is a controversial topic in certain circles. Some believe that the holiday is actually disrespectful to the natives of our land because colonists ended up committing mass genocide and dehumanizing native cultures....more

Redefining the "Stay-at-Home-Mom"

Alright ladies, here are your choices:HousewifeHomemakerStay-at-home-momOr the ever ambitious sounding-Unemployed.Awesome…  ...more

Breastfeeding and Brussels Sprouts

There was recently a discussion about how we need to stop talking about the research on the benefits of breastfeeding so that we don’t make mothers who can’t breastfeed feel guilty… ...more