A Day in the Life for Someone with Crohn's Disease or Colitis

Crohn's disease is an illness that affects many people of various ages. There's a fairly good likelihood that you know someone who has Crohn's or, at the very least, know someone who knows someone. But what you may not know is what it really means to suffer from it. ...more
I have IBD (been diagnosed with both Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis). I've had it in remission ... more

US Airways' Social Media Team Had a VERY Bad Day

US Airways committed the blunder of all Twitter blunders today, when someone on its social media team tweeted something inappropriate. I don't even know if I can tell you what it was, because my mother-in-law tells me not to share anything on the Internet that I wouldn't tell my grandma. And I simply cannot imagine telling my grandmother that US Airways tweeted a photo of a model airplane in a vagina....more
I can totally see this happening to me if anyone ever paid attention to my social media. I have ... more

How to Destroy Your Child's Heart and Trust -- One Facebook Post at a Time

I wrote recently about the Private Parent and shared a few things I do in an effort to build a solid, if somewhat hidden, foundation in the lives of my children. ...more
I'm 37 and my mom still tries to shame me in public under the guise of being funny. It has ... more

10 Food Blog Trends That Should Stop

In food, as in fashion, trends come and go. As in fashion, some of those trends become so ubiquitous that we simply tire of them. And so, like peplums and ombre hair, here is a list of trends in food blogging that we'd like to be able to say in retrospect were so 2013. Stripey Straws Image: Courtesy of Sean Timberlake ...more
I just started a new food blog this year called "Nom Nom *CHOMP*." Granted, my target audience ... more

The Other Side of the Weight Spectrum: Being Too Thin

This is not a pity party. I am relatively healthy, of sound mind (albeit occasionally debatable). I love myself, I do. I practice self worth in front of my girls, never complain about my [under]weight. I am happy and free and in love with my body in front of them. Oh, I can give the performance you've never imagined. But inside my head? Ugly. Skinny. Tittyless. Meatless. You're always cold because you don't have enough meat on your bones. No one wants you. Your husband is pretending. Your girls are destined to follow the skinny path. Make them some potatoes. ...more
And this is why I call myself a size positive activist instead of just a fat activist (as most ... more

20 Things This Mother Will Probably Never Tell Her Son

[Editor's Note: This week, BlogHer learned an important internet lesson: Memes are people, too. BlogHer stumbled across the post below, written by Joella at Fine and Fair, in a Facebook link, and we were intrigued by the core idea of it—20 Things To Say Or Not To Say To Our Sons—and by the fact that the meme/post had been shared what looked like millions of times, and that hundreds of people had been responding and making their own lists in response. So we decided to syndicate Fine and Fair's post, as we knew it would kick off an interesting and passionate conversation. But in these days of hyperconnectivity and the all-seeing Google, even anonymous memes eventually link back to their creator. When Joella was alerted in comments that there was an actual author of the post, she responded by revising her post, naming WerdyAb as the author and linking to the original post within the BlogHer.com post, thinking she was righting a wrong. Of course! All of us in the blogosphere believe that crediting people for their work is of utmost importance. But the simple act of attaching a real live author -- a person -- to formerly faceless meme utterly changed the tone of the post, and made its humor seem sharp, its jabs more cruel, than how they'd appeared in the original version. And truth is, it took all of us a BlogHer a few days to understand and even SEE what had happened to tip the apple cart on the post as the comments were mounting. So we want to publicly apologize to Werdyab for the hurt she felt and all the attention, much of it negative, that was focused on her. We deeply regret that series of events. At BlogHer, community, respect and a sense of safety in expressing our opinions are traits we treasure, and we don't want to do anything to threaten that. We want to thank the many who spoke out on Twitter or sent us emails, which helped us focus on the unfortunate and unintended series of events. And we'd like to acknowledge Joella's honorable responses and efforts to make this right, as well. She is not to blame for how this played out.We work hard to be sure that everyone feels welcome; we value this above everything -- especially above page views. And that is why we are making this public explanation today. --Stacy Morrison, Editor-in-Chief]Last night, after a lovely and heartwarming evening at an annual fundraiser for my place of employment, I settled in with a cup of tea and my laptop to wind down before bed. Several friends had shared a list entitled "20 Things A Mother Should Tell Her Son." I thought to myself, "I am a mother! And I am going to have a son! I should read this!" I took a sip of tea as I clicked and prepared for even more loveliness and heart warmth to round out my night, but found my heart filled with...something other than warmth....more
I have a good feeling that your kids are going to be awesome (by example, of course). more

BlogHer At Home Giveaway #3: More Swag Bags and a BlogHer13 Pass

Are you having fun, BlogHer-at-Homers?I know I am. We love, love, love your participation in BlogHer at Home, and can't wait to keep hearing from you as we wrap up the conference. We hope that your participation will expand your view of the BlogHer Conference experience, content, and community. We also hope that have been making connections with each other -- sharing your blogs, your Twitter experience, and whatever other platforms are important to you. (Instagram, anyone? Let's see those shoes....more
I'm hoping I can win Voice of the Year again next year, so that I can witness people laughing at ... more

BlogHer at Home Giveaway #1: The BlogHer ’12 Swag Bags!

It's been two weeks since BlogHer at Home for BlogHer 2012 kicked off, and things are going great. There are hundreds more followers, some fun chatter already, and excitement about sharing in the fun of the BlogHer Conference experience from wherever you happen to live. We know though, that while this Twitter community will be something special, there's nothing quite like being at a BlogHer Conference. So along with connecting and sharing from the comfort of our laptops or on the go on your smartphone, we thought it would be nice to bring a little bit of the 3-D conference experience to you. This means we have some prizes, by the way. We hear you might like those....more
I would love to be there, since my art is going to be shown as a Visuals winner, but alas, no ... more

Bloggers Turn Online Pictures Into Paint Palettes Using Over 1,500 Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Update 7/7/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. To read the second posts in the series, click here.  You can still read the bloggers' posts below by clicking on the links.  ...more
I think the first photo inspiration will be used. The colors in that one seem like they are a ... more

Announcing the Voices of the Year '12 Honorees and Readers!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the next group of people who will see that view for themselves. It's time to announce the final 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year!...more
Holy cow! And not even a piece that I nominated myself! This is awesome. Thank you so much.  more