Take Back Your Birth!

I’m a fat, juicy buffalo carelessly wandering out into the middle of a lions’ den.  You are a pack of hungry lions, and I am about to be dismembered limb by limb when I say......more

Music Therapy: Songs to Help You Survive Your Wedding

I'm getting married next week. Married. MAR-RIED. And I can't sit still. Thus far in the wedding planning process I have succeeded at being Bridechilla (not my creation, see my friend Andy for copyright), but I can feel myself unraveling at the ends a bit as the days pass....more

One Jacket Worn Three Ways

A military inspired cropped jacket is a must-have in every woman’s closet. This versatile wardrobe staple can easily be incorporated into various outfits that are suitable for a casual Friday, as well as date night or even a weekend get away. Adding a splash of color or feminine accessories can totally change your look....more
I love casual Friday! All of the pieces look great! Can you be my personal stylist?more

Going Home: Ludington, MI

Growing up in Ludington, MI, I couldn’t wait to get out. Everyone knew everyone's business and I grew tired of knowing the same people from Elementary and Junior High School through graduation....more

Quick, Sit-Up-Free Abs!


A Makeup Makeover

Cheers for Cruelty-Free CosmeticsDoes rubbing ground up bugs or sheep fat on your face sound like a good time? No, not really....more

Hungry Girl

I am just plain hungry – all the time!I know I should be eating less but I hate to see food being wasted. If it’s on the plate, I have to eat it. Tried putting less on my plate but still, I feel hungry. What’s a girl to do?...more

You Know You're a Parent When...

Facebook and FOMO (Fear of Missing out)

Fall Trend: Biker Boot Chic

I always wanted to be that girl that pulls off the funky cool hipster look so effortlessly, but never have the guts to do it, until now. I am in LOVE with all of the brown leather, grunge/ biker boots for Fall.  Pair them with some skinny jeans and an oversize tee or a cute little sheath dress and textured tights and you'll be sure to rock this look with ease. Here's to trying something new!...more
This is great! I LOVE brown boots. I will have to dig my 17 yr old pair of Dr Martens out of the ...more