Promises and Unholdable Things

Sometimes in life, and love, we don't always know what we are getting into when we start something. That's frequently been true in my life and it was true for the characters in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. A support group led to friendship and love for the characters, but it wasn't all that they thought it would be -- the good things also came with the unholdable things....more
I love how simple yet deep love is to Issac. "Love is keeping the promise anyway." I think if we ... more

The Fault in Our Stars: Yes, Teens Really Are That Smart

In January of 2007 someone pointed me to a YouTube channel that a young adult author and his brother were using as their main mode of communication for the whole year. That author was John Green, and I quickly became a fan of both him and his brother Hank. I hadn't read any of John Green's books before I started watching the videos, but once I started, I became hooked and began thrusting them into the hands of every reader I knew. To say that I was really happy to be reading The Fault in Our Stars for BlogHer Book Club is an understatement. My reaction was closer to an ode to Kermit the Frog, complete with a big "Yay!" and flailing Muppet arms. ...more
When I did my original post about this book, I said it was a little hard for me to believe that ... more

How I Ate Cookies and Put $1,000 In The Bank

When the new year began, I wanted to rethink my grocery shopping. I was frustrated with battling crowded stores and frustrated by my lack of planning. And I didn’t like how much money I was spending each week just to feed our household of two. I decided I would reduce our grocery bill by $20 a week. ...more
Thank you so much for writing that. Even though I make an effort to have weekly Vegan menus, my ... more

Go, Go Samurai Power Rangers!

Every little girl dreams of marrying a super hero.  Or, in my case, Donny Osmond.  But nevertheless, super hero was not far behind.  And while Donny Osmond eluded me, I did end up marrying a Power Ranger.When The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show began back in 1993, my husband (who was still in "friend" mode) and I worked for a children's entertainment company in Los Angeles, while we struggled to find work as actors....more
Kids should always walk on the inside (non-street side) of the adults. Since it gets dark so ... more

Baby Daddy Sayz

holy wind batman! more

Maybe It's Maybelline?

it was pitch black by 7 pm tonight...eek! more