Do You Want to Know What Reunion is Really Like?

Hi--There's no way to say this except straight out--have you seen or heard of Hole in my heart, ... more

The Hillary Paradox: Q&A With Editor Joanne Bamberger

Does the mere mention of the name Hillary Clinton turn you into a gushing fan girl? Or does it make you grind your teeth? When it comes to the only female Democratic presidential candidate, there's no shortage of opinions. Joanne Bamberger, whom many in the BlogHer community may know as PunditMom, has been closely following the former Secretary of State and First Lady since her 2008 bid for the White House and has edited an anthology of 28 essays by women who span the political spectrum....more
She's been in politics a long time and so we can see her warts. Well, I'll take them. She will ... more

Plus-Size Woman Wears Bikini in Miami; World Does Not End

"It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes." ~Sally Field ...more
Let's get this straight. You look great.  Lena Dunham in that skimpy bottom looks terrible. more

"Baby" Veronica Is Growing Up: ICWA, 2 Families, & Now an Arrest

After the Supreme Court decided against a biological father in the so-called “Baby Veronica” case two months ago, I found myself worried not just for the family in the case, but for adoption in general. Adoption is riddled with misunderstanding and the mainstream media tends to exacerbate the problem rather than clarifying. ...more
What has irritated me so much is the slobbering of much of the media--they act as if Brown is ... more

A Tale of Two Headlines: Adoption and the Indian Child Welfare Act

Two-Year Old Illegally Taken at Birth, Reunited with Her Father. Young Girl Taken by Biological Father Two Years After Adoption. Fox News had a choice of headlines here and went with the second. But which is the truth? Here are the basic facts: Baby Veronica was placed at birth with prospective adoptive parents while her biological father was serving the military overseas. The father returned to the U.S. four months after the birth and discovered his daughter had been placed for adoption....more
Thank you for this perspective, because once again the public in general reflects the ... more

I'm Young & Pregnant, But I'm Certainly Not Stupid

Pregnant. In my community this is one of the most heavily loaded words in the collective vocabulary -- especially at my age. Anytime I announce the fact or I feel sets of eyes on my (rather obvious) belly, I brace myself for the reaction. And to be honest, most of the time it's not even to my face. I don't have a problem with the belly touching or the unwanted advice. Instead for me it's the rumors and discrimination -- or even the attempted forced inclusion. I had my first daughter at 19. She was not a mistake, an accident or "unplanned." ...more
love your post!   I write as a woman and first mother concerned about the older women who can't ... more