The One Thing I Wish I Knew Before Our First Baby

I recently wrote a devotional for the baby shower of a dear friend.  After pondering the many different approaches it seemed I could take, messages I could give, I attempted to capture the one thing I wish I’d known before welcoming Meggie.  We got pregnant right smack dab in my second semester of a Ph.D....more

She calls them "print-zells" not pretzels.

For our mamas... She calls them “print-zells” not pretzels.She carries her baby doll in the crook of her elbow and pedals her around in the cozy coupe - off for ice cream or groceries or on a “special errand.”  She tells me: “See you in a little bit.  Bye - byyyyyy-e. Wasn’t that fun, huh?” And squeezes the baby’s shoulder, kissing her brunette-head....more

The Sonic Seagulls: Following Your Dreams and Not Being Your Own Worst Enemy

There’s one Sonic on the Island where we live.  Thank goodness for this Sonic and happy hour as a young mom. We go there a lot - especially if the girls wake up early from their naps and dinner time seems extra-longish away.  We’re frequent customers.  And so are the seagulls.  ...more

A Pilot's Life for Me

Monday’s events were an answer to prayer for our family. When Kyle and I started dating our freshman year of college, the course of my life changed.  I went to college never dreaming that I’d get married four years later, and certainly NOT to a Naval officer.  My plans then involved studying theater and being a broadway actress; in no way could I imagine where I would be now, and with whom I would be. ...more

On Change

I usually wouldn’t write when I’m feeling this emotional - at least not for anyone else to read - because the introvert in me likes to portray an “I’ve got it all together” image.  But I learned several years ago that communion comes from being honest and the sharing of our trials.  Putting on my brave face, then, I want to share some of my current trials with you - so that we can share in life together.   ...more

Worth the Labor

There's nothing like the blustering winds of an "arctic blast" and an unexpected snowstorm to make you want to hunker down, all cozy-like.  That's what's happening here tonight, and Kyle and I've already expressed to each other how much we'll miss that howling sound down our chimney and around the corners of our backyard when we move. We've had an ordinary day today - napping, strolling, grocery-shopping - except for one extraordinary moment of which I'm fixing to tell. ...more

I Owe Someone an Apology

I've been feeling guilty about something lately and it's time to fess up. Three years ago when Kyle and I were searching for a house to buy in Edmond, we had several qualifications: our house had to be within five minutes from I-35...more

Woman's World

There is power in being a woman; there is privilege in being a woman. Four weeks ago, I braced myself over a squatting bar, hands held by my husband, eyes clenched, and tapped into that ancient power as my second daughter's body slipped from mine into the waiting hands of our midwife. As they lifted her up to me, this child that will also grow into a woman, I felt tied to the thousands of generations who've gone before and brought out life, mysterious. There is power in being a woman....more


“Baby’s awake, Mommy! She’s AWAKE!” A voice pipes up right by my ear, right by my bed.  I can feel her breath whooshing the tiny hairs there, the baby hairs growing in from her six-month-old sister....more