Should I Change My Name When I Marry?

[Editor's Note: Part of our personal brand is our name. So what happens when you get married? Perhaps you've been married, divorced with kids and now marrying again. What should you do? Change your name? Hyphenate it? None of the above? All of the Above? Ask a Manager tries to sort this out for you. - Paula G] ...more
I did not change my name legally. I did however hyphenate it. Certain things I leave my name as ... more

I really would love a small guide to navigate & become more efficient on BlogHer.

I really would love a small guide to navigate & become more efficient on BlogHer. ...more
Thank you @SabrinaBlogs  and Darcie. I appreciate your help. I'm slowly learning the site. I'm ... more

Words With Friends Free

Words With Friends Free ...more
It's an interesting game. I'm not a great fan of Scrabble. I feel I have a bad vocabulary. I ... more

I've Never Had A Best Friend

I’ve never had a best friend.I’m not saying that so you’ll feel sorry for me. It’s just a realization that I’ve had over and over and over again in my life. Image: Texasbubba via Flickr ...more
I feel the same. I had a friend I considered to be my bff for a long time, but I still felt ... more

"Friends With Benefits": Daddy Mac Will Make Ya...

When I write a Movies Teach Us post, I usually don’t tell you what I thought of the movie. But today I will tell you: Friends With Benefits was hilarious. Watch it. Right now. Take a sick day. I’ll write a note excusing you from work.Here’s what I learned from the movie:...more
This movie was so funny. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies. Woody did try to steel the scene ... more

How I Dealt With Blog Jealousy and Slayed My Fame Monster

Back in June of 2011, there was an onslaught of posts on jealousy within the writing world and book blogging world. (I will put links to a few of these at the end of this post.) I enjoyed reading them because I related to most of what everyone said. I’ve dealt with my own feelings of jealousy since I started blogging in June of 2010, and the posts inspired me to share a little bit about how I felt when I first started blogging. ...more
This was a great post. I have been blogging for a while. Have 4 blogs, 3 are dedicated to ... more

A Blogger's List of Must-Have iPhone Apps

As a writer/blogger I have found that I have a huge need to stay connected with my blog and the social world that surrounds it. The trouble with that is unless you have no life outside of sitting in front of a computer, it can be a bit challenging to stay that connected....more
I don't have an iPad, but I use the following apps on my iPhone to maintain my 3 blogs: ... more