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Searching for My Wand!

   Today is the day my book “Searching for My Wand” is released, and I am a bundle of nerves. I love this book with all my heart, and I want it to be a huge success, but much like your children, there is only so much you can do to influence such things. Sooner or later you have to send them/it out into the world, step back and hope for the best. Sure, you offer support, but in the end you have to accept that you have done your very best, and now whatever will be, will be....more

Crossing the Line

bridget Times are tough right now, and we all know that. There are people suffering financially all over the world and it is a subject that even children are aware of. To some extent it has become unavoidable; however, kids can only deal with so much, and as adults we have a responsibility to protect them as best we can. With this in mind, imagine my surprise when I saw a story on the latest puppet to join the cast of Sesame Street. She is a little girl who often goes hungry because no one can guarantee her next meal. I think my mouth literally fell open....more

The Art of Collaboration

bridget   Collaboration is a tricky thing, especially for a writer. When my friend Laura Hall first suggested we work together to create a family friendly musical that would be enjoyed by adults as well as kids, I was intrigued but also a little concerned. For one thing, she is a seasoned professional who trained and toured with Chicago’s famed Second City, and she also worked on “Whose Line is it Anyway” with Drew Carey....more

Do I Need an Agent?

   I am wondering if  there are any merits to getting an agent and/or a traditional publisher anymore. The more posts I read about how we as writers have to promote, promote, promote the more I wonder what agents do. I’m going to guess that they have connections I don’t have to big name publishers, but then what?...more
You and I are in the same rocky boat! I HAD an agent. A terrible agent who did nothing at all ...more

Looking For Big Numbers

bridget As I have begun working my way through this maze that is the blogging world, I have discovered an amazing array of writers, many of whom I now follow. I enjoy their wit, courage and ingenuity. I am also in awe of their numbers. Many of them (but not all) get anywhere from twenty to a hundred or more comments on their posts, and they have a staggering amount of followers....more
@victorias_view Which I do offten and will now do for you. ...more

Forty Three Dollars For A Movie??

My eleven year old daughter and her friend love “Glee”, and they have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Glee movie. Sadly, money has been stupidly tight this summer, but I had promised we’d go see it as soon as it came out, and Yikes! That was today. I had foolishly forgotten that it was in 3D. I know it’s in the title and all, but somehow I forgot that we’d have to spend extra for the thrill of 3D. Forty three dollars later my daughter, her best friend and I walked into a matinee showing of the movie....more

A World of Contradiction

A World of Contradiction There are times when you are walking down the street, happy and in your own little world, only to have the world at large suddenly reach out and slap you right upside your head. I had one of those moments this morning....more

153 Days

153 Days   153 days Tangled in the sheets Eyes locked, hearts pounding  Loving in a thousand beats   153 days Walking hand in hand Laughing, sharing Sharing a lifetime of plans   153 days That’s how long it’s been ...more

It's a Hard Knock Life

It’s A Hard Knock Life As my thirteen year old daughter is about to begin high school, I am struggling with how much of my past I want to share with her. When I was eighteen, I was raped and nearly murdered. The rapist strangled me until I literally felt my throat close. Just before I passed out he let go, although he later kept saying he didn’t know why he hadn’t killed me....more