Michelob ULTRA Light Cider Promotion

We gave a whole lot of thirsty bloggers some Michelob ULTRA Light Cider to try and share what they thought about it.You can read their reviews by clicking on the links in the sidebar on the right. ...more
Hummmmm, I guess I need to give this one a try.  We don't usually have beer, but a cider would ... more

Switch Up Your Makeup for a Fabulous Fall

Are you packing away your bright, summer makeup colors? Good, because fashion brands have ruled them out. Of the 40 or so fashion shows that I reviewed, only three used colors that slightly represented spring. On my intense search for what was "in" and what was "out," the fall 2011 makeup trends became very apparent. ...more
Love the no makeup look. I think it is especially perfect for a person who is senior in years. ... more

New Life for an Old Chair

[Editor's note: How many times have you driven by abandoned furniture and felt like pulling over and nabbing a piece or two for the sake of repurposing? Heather did just that and gave new shine to a formerly frumpy chair. Nice work! - Kathy]...more

Love the style of the chair and it looks fabulous with it's new coat of paint. Beautiful fabric ... more