Do Mean People Make More Money?

Do nice girls really finish last? Money experts Jean Chatzky and Maggie McGrath pull together the research to answer that question. ...more
I must admit, this is something I think about. I'm not happy I think about it because actually, ... more

Why You Should Run Your Life Like a Business

There might be more published advice about how to find happiness than anything else.  And it all seems to spin from the notion of balance.  Work hard,  play hard and rest often.  Take deep breaths when you’re feeling stress.  Leave the office at a reasonable hour.  Walk barefoot through the grass.  Avoid drinking wine after beer (or is it wine after liquor?).  Stop and smell the roses. I actually think a lot of that advice is completely misguided.  (Except for not mixing alcohols.  That’s not a lesson that needs to be repeated.) ...more
I did put it all on paper initially. A good way to get started doing this is to spend a week ... more

Run, Mama, Run

Whose idea was it to start running at 5:30 AM three days a week?Oh, right, that would be me....more
@DesiValentine4 Thanks! I know, the best part about waking up that early to work out is when you ... more

How to Grow Your Etsy/Online Business

I remember the weeks leading up to "starting my Etsy shop". I must have talked myself out of it 1,000 times--literally. I made excuses like, what if nothing sells? what will my friends think? what if I make a mistake on an order? what if no one likes my designs? what about the financial risks for the start up costs? and on and on...But then one night, I took the plunge. I remember the nerves in my stomach as I clicked "purchase" at two in the morning for my very first order of supplies. ...more

I am always so impressed when a fellow entrepreneur shares solid tips and insight from their own ... more