When Your Kids' Camp Doesn't Take Sunscreen Seriously

Earlier this week, I caught wind of the Michener kids, who got severe sunburns after a field day spent without sunscreen due to a state law preventing adults from applying sunscreen to kids (even if they have the required prescription to put the sunscreen on in the first place). I thought to myself, "At least I don't have to worry about that." YES, THAT IS FORESHADOWING....more
I'm so sorry!  I hope policies change, they are ridiculous.  I will say that relying on ... more

Life After Divorce: The Summer Custody Visit Suck

One more sleep. One more morning coffee. That’s how long until I get to see my baby girl again. She’s six years old and she has been away from home for more than two weeks now, visiting my ex-husband in St. Louis. All I know is that two weeks is way too long for a mommy and a little girl to be apart. At least it is for me. ...more
You're right. It never gets easier. And I agree with the "thinking twice" thing. The sharing ... more

You and the Power Players: Using LinkedIn to Build Your Network and Personal Brand

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook -- and that’s a good thing. LinkedIn’s audience is older, richer, better educated and more male than both Twitter and Facebook’s -- basically a reflection of who holds the power in business. While it may be annoying from a social perspective, when you’re networking, having access to this power base is quite helpful. ...more

I was actually just thinking today how ancient my LinkedIn is. I mean, really really old. I ... more