My Daughter's Medical Challenges and How I Embraced Motherhood

The doctor considered what we had to say, but would try and steer us in other directions. He would say that she wasn't used to her new diet. That she had eczema. That she was too full. At first, I blindly followed his words. Who was I to question the doc? But as my kid threw up more meals than she ate, I knew that something was wrong. ...more
Allergies & food issues ARE HARD, and western doc's refuse to deal with them. Being a new parent ... more

After The Tragedy Comes The Next

It is terrific to know that no matter how bad things are now, there is a next on the way. Right now, all over the news, radio, and social media people are discussing the tragedy that occurred at the Boston Marathon. Those discussions are good and important because when a tragedy occurs, those of us left behind want to understand what happened, why it happened and how we can keep the tragedy from repeating itself. We mourn the victims and pray for the survivors and the families of those involved. Everyone around the nation and around the world wants to know what happened and why....more
My next is to appreciate my family as they are, and enjoy what we have while we have it!  And, ... more

Transform Regret Into Action

When I find myself thinking, “If I knew then what I know now,” I admit that I feel a bit regretful. My younger self was full of ideas about the ways that I was going to change the world. I was excited about the possibilities that I had before me, and eager to embrace them. ...more
I love science, but it was too hard for me to study.  I'm supposed to be a writer, anyway. ... more