Her First Bad Touch: When Children Get Violated

One day, when my 10-year-old daughter got home from camp, she turned to me and said, "Today, in the pool? A man came up and grabbed my butt." Inside, I froze, but on the outside, I remained casual. "Oh, really? Tell me more." "I was standing in the shallow end, and this man walked up behind me, and squeezed my butt." "What did you do?" I asked, continuing to remain calm. "I was so surprised. I didn't know what to do. I didn't say anything, I just walked away from him." She squirmed with embarrassment. "Did you tell anyone at camp?" "No, you were the first person I felt like I could trust."...more
@Emily@SAHM.i.AM My thoughts exactly.more

Love Like an Ocean: Diving Deep into Polyamory

Before she knew what polyamory was, she thought she was defective and unfit to be in a relationship. After years of disappointing her partners, she resigned herself to remaining single. And then she discovered that love could take many more forms than monogamy. This is her story. ...more
Kendra, you describe us to a Tee. After being married nudists for 35 years, we were ...more