How to Make Blogging a Habit in 5 Steps

95% of blogs end up abandoned. What does this tell us? It means that after the initial excitement phase is over, blogging takes some discipline. It also means that for the majority of bloggers, success comes from hanging in there and not giving up. In other words, it can take a while for a blog to take off, but you'll never see it take off if you ditch it after the first few months? So how can we get past those first hard months, which sometimes feels a bit like a chore? You have to make blogging a habit. ...more
Thanks for this.  As a new blogger, I am trying to stay motivated and give up on the self-doubt ...more

What If We Didn't Sexually Shame Our Daughters?

I'm from the Bible belt region of the U.S.  and I was raised in the Southern Baptist church. I had two very loving and well-meaning parents who they themselves were raised in this same environment. I'm sure that some of the memories I have of things they said to me were just random, passing thoughts they stated out loud without much thought, never thinking those words would affect me the way they did....more
I totally agree with all of this, but having been raised myself with parents who said and did ...more

A Letter to My Son's Future Girlfriend

To the girl who will one day date my son: You are interested in someone very precious to me. My world turned right side up the day he came into my life and has never been the same since. When I look at him, all I see is a flashback reel full of baby rolls, big hugs, sweet smiles, and superheroes. Although I want nothing but happiness for him, I know he will need to make mistakes in order to grow and learn. Still... it would crush me to see him intentionally hurt or used....more
Your posts always seem to give me eyesweats!! <3more

You Won't Remember, But I Will

You won't remember the way I stood in the bathroom late that night in labor with you, fearfully and excitedly gazing up at the moon, knowing I was going to bring you into the world soon and whispering to you, "We can do this." ...more

10 Reasons Why I Love Your Blog

Here are 10 reasons why I love your blog. ...more
Great tips. I am trying to recommit to my blog, but as of yet I only have a handful of followers ...more

I Got 99 Problems But Perky Boobs Ain't One

 Dad, stop reading here. For both of our dignities, please.Also ex-boyfriends. I want to always be remembered as the one with the glorious rack who got away....more

How I Fight Infant & Toddler Eczema {& Cradle Cap}

My eczema dream team Oh I loathe thee. ...more