How To Stay Red Carpet-Ready Like Beyonce at the Grammys

It was Grammy Awards night, and what that means in 2013 is another night on the red carpet for Beyonce, fresh off of her Super Bowl half-time appearance last week. All entertainment eyes seem to be on Bey all of the time, but this season, and on Grammy night? They're magnified. ...more

Classic Beauty on the Red Carpet: Adele

This awards season you are getting to see even more of Adele. Normally you would only see her at the Grammys or Billboard Music Awards, but thanks to her killer pipes and James Bond, she is making appearances at the Golden Globes and the Oscars. While her look is pretty tame compared to the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, Adele knows how to knock 'em dead with a few little details. Some fashionistas out there feel that she is playing it "too safe," but I like to look at as her knowing what works for her, and what doesn't. ...more
i love you!!!!:)more

Get Noticed This Holiday Season With Cover Girl

The holidays can be stressful, so your look needs to be effortless and comfortable. Go for a natural glow with flushed cheeks, smoky eyes, and a playful pout. Narrow down your look to just a few key products: concealer, powder, mascara, blush or bronzer, and a great lip color. Keep them in your make up bag along with mirror, polish, and mints. With this you will be able to look gorgeous no matter where you are, in under five minutes. ...more

10 Ways To Glam Up Your Holiday

Whether it's the winter winds whipping your hair back and forth and giving you lizard skin, the extra stress and busy-ness of the season, or just trying to find the perfect cocktail dress for each holiday party -- this can be a challenging time of year to look and feel your best. Here are my top 10 ways to glam up your holiday season. ...more
Love the warm socks and statement necklace advice!! We all need warm socks! and who can't do ...more

Work Style: 5 Most Wanted Fall Accessories

These aren't your typical office supplies, filled with bland colors and basic functions. No sir, these items have style and function and can often times serve more than one purpose. So when your summer starts to fade, and fall becomes an all-too-real reality, don't get the cubicle blues. Just pick a few of our most wanted items for fall, and your work style will keep you motivated, organized, and super chic....more
I absolutely love the options available now for stylish eyewear! I've been rocking my Warby ...more

All That Glitters is GOLD... Shoes, that is!

What could be more suited to a Glamorous Gadabout than glamorously gold glittery shoes?? NOTHING! We all know Dorothy secretly wanted gold slippers, right? Now, not all gilded accessories are created equal - glitter easily falls off {very UNglamorous!} - so if you have your eye on some sparkles below your ankles, it's time to invest in a pair that will last through many nights of being glamorous till dawn. Here are my favorites!...more
I adore #9 they could go with anything from the LBD to a pair of jeans and a funky top!more